Octam (the REAL Octam) – Legend of Legaia Ep. 16

Welcome back! Last time on Let’s Play Legend of Legaia, the party had just passed through the Shadow Gate and the subsequent network of caves to make it to the underground town of Octam. Let’s get right into it.

Music: Jeremi (re-used for underground Octam)

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205549.286

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205555.022
Gala: Ah, these must be the caverns under Octam.
Noa: Octam? That means Hari must be here! He’s the one who can tell me what my dreams mean! He must be here, right?
Vahn: Yes.
Noa: Hooray! Vahn, let’s go! Let’s go find Hari!

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205618.014
Woman:  It can’t be! But it is! Standing right before us… real human beings! This is wonderful! That must mean the Mist outside is gone! That’s why you’re here, right?
Vahn: …no.
Woman: I knew it. The Mist isn’t gone after all. That means we must go one living in fear here.


Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205632.006

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205635.806
Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205640.245
Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205644.333
Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205702.445
Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205705.502
Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205709.069

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205713.213
Noa: Oh no! Wow, Vahn, did you see that? The whole house collapsed!

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205742.829
Oh jeez…

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205750.861
Well, suffice it to say that I manage to afford everything by selling off some of my old equipment. But I end up basically broke. But staying up to date with your equipment is extremely important, and it’s not like I’m spending the money on anything else. I basically never buy items.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205936.868
Kina: Well, around here that’s an everyday experience. At least no one died, though. By the way, did you come here to see Hari?
Vahn: Yes.
Kina: I knew it! I could just tell. I’ll take you there. Follow me! What are you waiting for? Come on!

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205953.156

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205956.396
Wow, this place sucks.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210008.772
Woman: This is Hari’s home, the Palace of Meditation. But you cannot see him now.
Guard: I am to inform the others as soon as Hari awakens.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210014.748
Priestess: He’s never slept this long before!
Nun: Hari hears the messages of the God Rem. These prophecies of Hari enabled the people of Octam to escape the threat of the Mist.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210028.348
Nun: So no one, no matter whom he may be, may ever approach Hari while he sleeps.


Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210032.339
Nun: It is forbidden to talk to Hari while he sleeps! Leave here immediately!


Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210043.868
Well, we’re here to talk to Hari, but there’s obviously something else that we’re supposed to do first. This building looks important, let’s try this first.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210059.780
Mayor: The people suffer so much, but I can do nothing. What an incompetent mayor I am, ha ha ha! If only Hari would awaken, then we could do something about the situation. This is a dangerous place, so you’d do well to leave here quickly. Ha ha! Between me and you, I may have escaped the Mist so far, but I don’t expect to live much longer.

…I hate this guy.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210119.371

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210124.643
Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210129.028
Vahn: GAH!

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210131.844
Mayor: You don’t say! What wonderful news! The town is saved! Ha ha ha! There’s no time to waste! We must hurry to Hari at the Palace of Mediation!

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210155.875
Well, maybe it’s because you’re USELESS. You even said so yourself!

Mayor: He says he wishes to speak only to you outsiders! How rejected I feel.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210202.516
Nun: The 3 Haris are, from the left, teller of the past, of the present, and of the future.

Music: Dreams

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210209.699
Hari: Are you ready to hear about the past?

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210216.659
Hari: The interrelation among the Mist, Seru, and Ra-Seru is part of the inevitability of time. Beyond the human world in which we live is the home of the Seru, the Seru-kai. All Seru in the human world world are born of the Seru-kai. Human world and Seru-kai are indivisible, but the two worlds were destined to remain apart. However, an unfortunate accident allowed the Seru to enter the human world. Humankind learned of the Seru’s power and built civilization. But people depended on Seru too much, and it warped the human spirit, leading to great tragedy. At the heart of the Mist is a demon! Even through Rem’s eyes, its true nature is unclear. This demon, neither human nor Seru, used the Mist to destroy the world! It is by no coincidence you have been chosen by the Ra-Seru! Fight with all your strength! The power of the Genesis Trees is with you! This is the Rem of the past. Did you watch closely? Did you listen closely? I have told you all of Rem’s words… I will now go back to sleep.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210300.179
Hari: Are you ready to hear about the present?

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210305.243
Hari: They are now tenaciously pursuing us, who have barely survived the Mist’s attack. They are now raising an army to kill legions or turn them into Seru monsters! Deep below Octam, at the bottom of the Fire Path, are their henchmen! Vahn, Noa, Gala! Use the powers of your holy Seru to destroy the demon’s henchmen! That is the only way to save this town from danger! The only way to save the world from imminent annihilation is to save each individual life. Fight with all your strength! The power of the Genesis Trees is with you! That’s the Rem of the present. Did you watch closely? Did you listen closely?

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210327.402
Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210330.619

A really subtle, but cool effect is that when Hari is talking to you, his eyes match the color of his blanket. When he is finished speaking and is about to go back to sleep, he blinks, and his eyes turn brown.

Anyways, one more to go. This is kind of a big info dump, but we haven’t had a lot of exposition in awhile.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210338.858
Hari: Are you ready to hear about the future?

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210346.083
Hari: Even with the divine powers of Rem, it is not possible to see into the future. I can tell you this only. Listen well. Vahn, a horrible tragedy will shatter your hopes. Noa, your parents are still alive! They are in Conkram, in Karisto Kingdom!
Noa: Did you hear that? Vahn, let’s go to Karisto Kingdom! Let’s go to Conkram!
Hari: Yes. If you go to Conkram, Noa, you will see your parents! But beware! Seeing them will disturb you greatly. And you, Gala! In Songi, you will find a nightmare awaiting. Remember, Songi is your shadow, your alter ego. Viewed as a part of the flow of time, tragedy and salvation are two sides of the same coin. You yourselves may pull the trigger and cause nightmares to happen. But as long as there is hope, the deep, swift flow of the river of time may fulfill your hopes. Fight with all your strength! The power of the Genesis Trees is with you! This is the Rem of the future. Did you watch closely? Did you listen closely?

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210418.402
Noa: Vahn! Gala! Don’t forget! We have to go to Conkram! Conkram!
Gala: Songi is my shadow? What on earth could that mean?

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210434.618

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210436.786
Mayor: The Fire Path of which Hari spoke is a tunnel to the northwest of the town. I told the guards there to let you pass. Well then, I must be going. Ha ha!

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210447.890

Music: Henchmen of the Mist

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210450.362
Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210454.482
This guard sucks so much at his job. This is the same one that plowed into Vahn trying to tell the mayor that Hari was awake. Here, he just plowed through this woman in order to save his own ass.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210457.434
Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210500.186
Vahn turns around to try and help save Hari and anyone else who is in the building, but Gala stops him.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210502.418
They both run across the bridge as it starts to collapse. It’s easy to see that not everyone made it out of the building.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210504.562
The Priestess runs over to the Nun here, who just slowly shakes her head.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210521.098
The Priestess collapses to her knees, because she knows it’s over 😦

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210523.642
And the house crumbles and falls deeper underground.

Music: Octam

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210528.154
Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210534.691
Hari: Noa! Gala! Are you there?

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210543.809
Hari: But, heroes of the Ra-Seru! You must not forget the mission with which you have been entrusted! The Hari of the Present ordered you to first head to the Fire Path. Destroy the henchmen of the Mist who have brought calamity to Octam. That will open the door to a new future for you. The three faces of Rem are watching over you. We will meet some day, at an unexpected place. Fight with all your strength! The power of the Genesis Trees is within you!

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210601.385
Noa: Is Hari dead?
Vahn: Hari could never die!
Noa: You’re right. Hari could never die!
Gala: I don’t mean to be cruel, but… You must both face reality! No one, not even Hari, could live through all that! You heard Hari’s last words! He’s dead!
Noa: Don’t say that! Gala, you’re so mean! You have a cold heart!
Gala: Before he died, Hari told us to save Octam, right? Noa, you can feel sad later! But now we have to do what Hari instructed! That’s the best way to respect his memory! Am I right, Vahn?
Vahn: Yes, you’re right…
Noa: Yeah, you’re right! The Fire Path! That’s where Hari said the Mist’s henchmen are! Let’s go to the Fire Path and get those Mist henchmen! Let’s knock their blocks off!

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210644.105
You weren’t too scared to move, you were just too concerned about saving yourself to worry about anyone else. Jerk.
Woman: Hari was swallowed up by the earth along with the Palace of Meditation!
Priestess: You are our only hope. Please defeat the monster of the Fire Path as quickly as you can!
Nun: The entrance to the Fire Path lies to the northwest of the town. Good luck.

Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_210707.641


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