Rim Elm Wrap-up – Legend of Legaia Ep. 34

Welcome back to Save File Plays Legend of Legaia! Last time, we destroyed Cort, and we destroyed the last Mist Generator, thus finally destroying the world of the Mist! Unfortunately, we also destroyed Conkram, and by proxy, Noa’s mother and father. But they knew it would happen. Now, there’s nothing left to do but wrap up the rest of the game, so let’s get it over with, shall we?

MUSIC: Rim Elm

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162151.331
Val: I know I can’t even walk like I used to, but your eyes are like my eyes. Your ears, like my ears. You’ve really grown up, Vahn! I’m so proud of you!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162205.506
Gala: It was this Genesis Tree that brought us together. We are so lucky we met each other! But there are still a couple things that bother me.
Vahn: Such as?
Gala: Songi! He’s still alive! We defeated Cort and Juggernaut at the Absolute Fortress Mist Generator. But nobody knows where Songi disappeared to. Maybe I’m worrying too much, but I don’t think everything’s over yet.

MUSIC: Mei’s Theme

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162251.882
Maya: I’m so glad you came here to see me! Now, let me get a good look at your face. Such a sturdy-looking face! This is the face of a full-grown man, the hero who saved the world!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162304.026
Maya: Oh, I almost forgot. I have to go somewhere now. Mei is inside. Don’t be bashful. Stay awhile!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162312.137 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162314.457
Mei: Vahn! you sacred me, walking in so suddenly without even saying a word!
Vahn I was thinking about you.
Mei: Well, so you really do worry about me! But you worry about Noa most of all, right?

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162326.146
Vahn: Er, well… that’s… y’see…

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162327.994
Mei: Well, just like you’ve gotten stronger, I’ve grown up a little. The world has changed now that the Mist is gone. Actually, I’ve started a tailoring business. I have to earn a living you know, hee hee. I may not look it, but I have quite a reputation as a skilled tailor now.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162343.393
Oooooh, Vahn swooping in for the kill! (Still way more smooth than me, at least)

Actually, he isn’t really kissing her. He’s just got his arm on her shoulder. It’s had to tell with old graphics, haha.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162348.889
Mei: Mother! Welcome home! Well, how did it go? What did the shopkeeper say?
Maya: Actually, he gave me a good price. He said he can always use clothes of such good quality.
Mei: Vahn! Did you hear that? Vahn, I’m going to work hard and open up my own store with Mother. I hope you’ll be rooting for me.
Maya: Listen to this child. She’s absorbed in her work. And it’s all thanks to you, Vahn. And it’s not just Mei! Everyone in Rim Elm is full of life now! Everyone is enjoying life and being alive!

That seems pretty nice! Unfortunately, I think I know someone who is probably nowhere near this happy. But she probably really needs someone to talk to.

MUSIC: Soren Sad Song

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162421.329
Noa; So why… I just don’t understand. Vahn, why do the people I love have to die? My mother, father… and my brother too. I don’t believe Terra anymore. Terra lied to me, so I don’t like her anymore. Ever since then, Terra won’t answer me at all. I’m sad! I don’t want to hate Terra! I want to believe her! I don’t believe Terra anymore! I feel like I hate her now! That’s why I feel so sad and lonely.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162447.361
Village Elder: What do you want? You want to see them?
Child: You have a visitor!
Noa: A visitor? Someone came to see us?
Child: Uh huh!
Village Elder: He must be here to offer you his blessing.
Child: Oh. He said his name was… Songi.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162501.104
Noa: Did he really say his name was Songi?! Songi… wants to see us? What does Songi want? That Songi is a bad person! I’ll never forgive Songi for what he did!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162512.665
Vahn: I’ll take care of any trouble.
Village Elder: Ha ha! You sure are a Ra-Seru hero! You’re so confident! All right, Vahn! Go to Noa’s place.

MUSIC: Songi’s Theme

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162520.833
Noa: Songi, did you come here to do something bad?
Songi: Ha ha ha! That’s a fine how do you do! I came here to congratulate you!
Vahn: Songi! Have you changed your ways?
Songi: What? Have I changed my ways? I’m still me. I’ve always been true to myself.

I LOVE that line. Songi may be a bad guy, but at least he’s an honest bad guy. He holds a grudge against Gala, and never lets it go, and he also never lies about what his motivations are. Songi exists purely for Songi. Everything he does is for himself. He has no misgivings about what he’s doing. No cookie-cutter villainy here.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162622.584
Gala: Songi… I know you’re too proud to apologize, but…
Noa: Yeah! Say you’re sorry! Songi! You’d better say you’re sorry right now!
Songi: Ha ha ha ha ha! Apologize? You’re telling me to apologize? Now that’s funny! Ha ha ha! Well, I see the idiot brigade still hasn’t master thinking! Gala, take a look!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162647.736 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162651.232 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162652.952
Songi: Don’t worry, they’re not dead. I held back. After all, if they die, they won’t be food for Juggernaut anymore.
Gala: Juggernaut? How could that be? Juggernaut died with Cort!
Songi: Hello, Gala! You’re not thinking! Juggernaut is an enhanced Seru! A Sim-Seru! The power of Seru comes out when it combines with a human! Who is this Seru combined with?
Noa: No! M-My brother?
Gala: Cort!
Songi: Correct! Say, you do have some brains, eh? Listen closely. Juggernaut’s almost here.
Gala: Songi! It’s me you resent, right? Then kill me! Leave the people of Rim Elm out of this! Don’t harm them!
Songi: Gala, you don’t understand. You don’t matter at all to me anymore. For I am the ruler of a new world, the world of the Mist!
Gala: Songi, your depravity never ceases to amaze me.

MUSIC: Juggernaut Approaches

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162729.384
Ozma: Gala, it’s too late to run away!
Terra: Noa, concentrate! Focus!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162736.568
Songi: Watch, as a new kingdom of the Mist is born at this very spot!

RimElm1 RimElm2
Oh… my… cow.

MUSIC: World Map After Juggernaut

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_163321.949 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_163324.421
Songi: Vahn! Your friends and family are now part of Juggernaut!
Songi: Sorry! I can’t let all of you inside.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_163335.565 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_163340.477
Songi: Ha ha ha! How pathetic! This is only the beginning! Juggernaut’ll grow until he swallows the whole human world!
Gala: Songi! How can you do this? You call yourself human?
Songi: Gala, you are as clueless as ever! I am no ordinary human! Don’t you get it, Gala? I am the ruler! And as ruler, I cannot trouble myself with you! I must go and conquer another world.
Gala: Another world? No, not the Seru-kai!
Songi: Ha ha ha! That’s right! I’ll never have to see you again. Farewell! Have fun… dying, that is!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_163405.614 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_163407.965
Noa: Why? Why won’t the Genesis Tree protect us?
Terra: Noa… the Genesis Tree lost its powers because of the Seru-kai.
Ozma: If Songi conquers the Seru-kai, my life will end, and all hope will be lost.
Gala: Tell me, Ozma! How can we go after Songi? How can we get to the Seru-kai?
Ozma: There is only one way to the Seru-kai, and it’s in Uru Mais.
Gala: So that’s why Juggernaut invaded Uru Mais!
Terra: The only way to save Rim Elm and the world is to go to the Seru-kai.
Gala: Vahn, we have to go to Uru Mais now!
Noa: Vahn, to save Rim Elm, we have to go to Uru Mais!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_163434.357
Did you REALLY think it was over? Oh no, this game just had to continue on in one of the most horrifying ways ever.

NEXT TIME: Uru Mais and the Seru-kai!

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