The Shadow Gate – Legend of Legaia Ep. 15

Welcome back! Last time on Let’s Play Legend of Legaia, we made it to Octam, and then got blocked right at the end. So now we have to go BACK TO JEREMI TO VISIT ZALAN AGAIN.


Well, let’s get this show on the road, I suppose.

You’ll excuse me if I cut out most of the travel.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203658.086
So yeah, back to Jeremi.

Music: Town Theme

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203704.358
Zalan: What?
Noa: Do you know about the Star Pearl?
Zalan: !
Gala: Noa! You can’t just ask out of the blue like that!
Zalan: Ha ha ha! Yes, Noa, I know of the Star Pearl. In fact… Here it is!
Noa: Wow! Neat! It’s the Star Pearl! Can I have it? Please?
Zalan: Of course you man. I have no use for it. Here you are!

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203727.461
Zalan: A shifty looking female thief palmed it off on me. It has no value as a precious gem. I never thought something like this would make someone so happy! Thank you so much, everyone. From the bottom of my heart.

I’m pretty sure you would have to do the whole Zalan/Pepe sidequest to get the Star Pearl if you hadn’t yet at this point.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203746.301
Now we have to go to the Shadow Gate.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203759.197
This happened along the way.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203835.333
Ahhhh, here we are.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203842.550

Music: Octam in the Mist

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203847.190
Noa: Who are you?

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203903.333
Gi Delilas: That Zeto is pretty pitiful to let a bunch of brats like you defeat him!
Gala: You! That Seru you’re wearing!
Noa: Is this a bad person, like Songi and Zeto?
Gi Delilas: A “bad person?” Oh, brother. Hey, blue-headed brat. You seem to be the leader of this kindergarten class.
Vahn: I’m the leader! Me, Vahn!
Gi Delilas: Ah, I knew it. Well, Vahn! Let’s see how good you are! Fight me one on one!

Oh geez, I’m getting flashbacks of the days of playing team SC2 games… “1v1 me noob! LOL CARRIED BY UR TEAM, U SCRUB!”

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203929.677
Gi: One-on-one combat is a Delilas family tradition. I’ll fight you later. Well, Vahn? Don’t run away! Fight me!
Vahn: Bring it on!
Gi: Most admirable. Now, prepare yourself!

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203939.309

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203944.125
???: …Nivora… Koru…
Gi: I see. Alright, I’ll be right there.
???: Yes, I see.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_203958.253
Gi: You want to know our names? Haha! Very well!

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204003.588Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204004.588Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204007.172Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204015.092 Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204016.861Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204019.292
Yes, they say their names, and then strike a pose. It is as silly as it looks.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204022.588
It’s the Legend of Legaia version of the Ginyu Force.

Gi Delilas: Vahn, I thought we could play together, but now I don’t have the time. I’ll let you live for now! But next time I see you, I’ll have your life!

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204034.420
I mean, it would only be logical for our team to have poses too, right?

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204050.116
So there are four stone faces, and you have to go to all of them and touch their corresponding element (which we discovered last episode). I don’t think you need to see the process, you can imagine it in your head.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204106.660
I have both of these Seru, but we’re starting to encounter stronger versions now.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204323.636 Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204328.979
And then I did this by mistake. You can probably see the error.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204331.531
Gala: I think we had better prepare ourselves!

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204339.636

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204343.931
The Gold Face is a pretty tough enemy, but nothing boss level. Just a slightly tougher dude.

Noa: Vahn! What will happen if we answer correctly?
Gala: We must be very careful! If we answer wrong again, the same thing will happen!

Thanks, guys. I go ahead and do it correctly this time.
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204428.914
Noa: This is so exciting!
Gala: What kind of internal mechanism is this?!

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204439.627
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204451.299
Gala: Vahn! Look! The center of the stone flower! Some strange thing is moving! That must be the entrance to the path leading to underground Octam.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204514.122
Also, treasure.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204518.466
Know well that the Star Pearl opens the door to the past!

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204525.227

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204528.603
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204533.370
Ew, that looks uncomfortable.

Music: Voz Forest

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204536.114
The underground path is pretty dry. Nothing happens down here, it’s basically what I call a “road dungeon,” a place you have to get through for the next bit of plot. So… here’s a bunch of pictures, and I’ll throw in some commentary if anything noteworthy happens.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204547.858
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204601.530
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204609.138
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204614.106
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204619.338
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204624.874
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204627.178
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204632.809
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204647.266
This is a pretty cool item. It has the same effect as Mei’s Pendant (which we got waaaaaaay back in Ep. 2), which is to increase the wearer’s HP by 10%

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204704.001
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204706.201
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204711.018
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_204726.330
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_205004.425
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_205023.497
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_205033.744
This area is pretty cool. It’s hard to see in stills, but the block pathway we’re standing on slowly rises and falls.

Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_205427.535
Ep. 15.mp4_20150608_205440.918
Ep. 16.mp4_20150608_205537.631
And then we finally make it to Octam!


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