Octam – Legend Of Legaia Ep. 14

Welcome back to Legend of Legaia. I have a confession to make.

I really, really don’t like this part of the game. I mean the whole Sebucus Islands bit. Which sucks, because it’s like a third of the game. On the other hand, I love the beginning, and the end. Maybe it’s because so much of this part feels so aimless and there’s a lot of “go here, go back here, go back here, then go here, then go back here, etc.” Or maybe it’s because I just spent like 4-5 hours grinding. WHATEVER. I’LL GET OVER IT.

Let’s get back to the game.

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_171830.396
Now that Jeremi is freed from the Mist, we can… uh… well, Vidna is freed from the Mist, so that means… um… Damn, what the heck butt am I even supposed to be doing? I guess I have that letter from Zalan, so I can go visit Pepe in Vidna. That doesn’t feel very fulfilling though.

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_171902.548
This helps a little.

You don’t really need to see all the travel.

Music: Town Theme

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_171923.100

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_171938.932
DUDE. PEPE. WE HAVE TOTALLY MET BEFORE. (This is what I mean about the game not making a case for you going to Vidna before going to Jeremi).

Noa: Yeah! Hooray! It’s Pepe! It’s Pepe! Oh, Pepe, listen, we… pepe’s alive… I mean, of course you’re alive… This letter… in Jeremi, Zalan…
Pepe: …What?

Noa is absolutely adorable.

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_171950.276
Noa: Uh-huh! Uh-huh!
Gala: We have a letter for you from your father in Jeremi. Here it is.

Letter: “To my dearest Yuma and Pepe: if you are reading this letter then thankfully you are safe. I am writing to you out of concern for your safety. Jeremi was covered in the Mist, but thanks to a brave Ra-Seru, we are free at least. I lost my memory when the Mist first came, but now I am completely recovered. I suppose Vidna is covered by the Mist as well. I hope that the madness of the Seru has not possessed you. I have so many things to ask. It has been over 10 years since you left for Vidna, but it seems like only yesterday since we bid farewell, smiling. Yuma, does the ring I gave you still sparkle? Pepe, how many gems do you know the name of now? I want to be with you. I want to tell you how much I love you. Stay healthy and strong. Until we meet again, I won’t lose hope. Your father, Fat Fingers, Zalan.”

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_172734.177
Pepe: She said it was his fat but nimble fingers. Ever since then, his nickname around the house was “Fat Fingers.” …to tell you the truth, somewhere in my heart, I had given up on Father. But he’s alive! Oh, thank you for bringing the letter. Thank you so much! If only Mother were alive too! Yes. Three years ago, she fell ill and died. Oh, wait a minute! This is a keepsake of my mother. If you would, please give it to Father.

Vahn and the others now have Yuma’s ring!

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_172759.209


Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_172837.256
Zalan: Did you give my wife and son the letter I asked you to deliver?

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_172842.544
Zalan: This… this is the ring I gave to Yuma! I see. So Yuma is no longer with us. I wish I could have stayed by her side! That’s my only regret! But thank goodness Pepe is safe! Someday, when the Mist is gone, I will go to Vidna! I will go to see Pepe! I know that you can make that day come! Please wait a moment. This is a token of my appreciation. Please take it.

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_172908.432
Zalan: I’m just a humble jeweler, but if there’s every anything I can do for you… Please let me know.

…dude. The Mist is gone. I just saved your town. And there isn’t even any Mist in Vidna. You could TOTALLY go see your son RIGHT NOW.  I… you…

well, anyways, that’s the end of the Zalan/Pepe sidequest for now. Don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_172929.320
I know I do.

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_172943.808
Pepe doesn’t even have anything interesting to say. Seriously. That’s it. This part of the game is kind of annoying.

So what’s next? I guess we’re supposed to go find Hari in Octam. Let’s go find Octam then, I guess.

Music: World Map

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_172955.352Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_173013.104
Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_173028.031
Yep. That really is about how interesting it is.

Music: Octam in the Mist

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_173033.792
Gala: Yes, this would appear to be the Octam as was told to me in past dreams.
Noa: Hooray! We’re in Octam! Yeah! That means Hari is here, right? He’s the one who can tell me what my dreams mean! Hari! So where is Hari? Come out, Hari! I want you to tell me what my dreams mean!

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_173058.847
Noa: But…
Gala: Listen! Look around you! Octam is enveloped in the Mist! Could any ordinary human beings survive here?
Noa: But I just…
Gala: Noa, forget about Hari for now! We can look for him when the Mist is gone.
Noa: You’re so mean, Gala! Waa! Waa! Wait, I know! The Genesis Tree! If we find it, we can drive out the Mist! Terra! Terra! Tell me, is the Genesis Tree close by?

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_173125.704
Noa: No! It’s not fair! Vahn! What do you think?
Vahn: Let’s at least look around.
Noa: Oh, Vahn, you’re my favorite! So there, Gala! You have to do whatever Vahn says!
Gala: Very well, then. But if we don’t find anything… You must forget about Octam and Hari.

Ep. 14 P1.mp4_20150607_173147.255
Gala: But Vahn, there is something that troubles me. In Mist-covered towns there are always people possessed by Seru. But I detect none here. If we must search the town, let’s be very careful.
Noa: Gala, you talk like such a big shot! Vahn, let’s look for Hari!

So Octam is your standard Mist-covered, abandoned town. I spared you the details, but you get the most important Seru in the game here. MAKE SURE YOU GET IT FOR EVERYONE.

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203505.746
Orb is a full party heal, and will be extremely important from now until the end of the game. Spend the time to get it. It might be annoying, but it is definitely that important.

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203525.889
Here are some new enemies.

And here are some highlights that I can show off from the exploration of Octam:
Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203605.738
Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203607.138
Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203635.889
Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203651.033
Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203705.225
That’s what Orb looks like

The most important place/eventual goal is in the middle of the town, however.
Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203710.224
Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203714.640
Looks important, right?

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203716.473
VERY important.

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203727.056
There are four stone faces here, each with a message on them.

The next three read:
“East Gate, the Key is Wind.”
“South Gate, the Key is Water.”

“West Gate, the Key is Fire.”

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203746.096
And then there are four books to read as well. I’ll copy and paste transcribe them here for your benefit.

Be warned! Take heed! The Mist is Death in disguise! The Mist is a cradle of madness! History warns us: The Mist stops time. The Mist brings chaos. When the evil Mist appears from the west horizon, leave everything and run for your lives! The god Rem awaits you all, in the hot depths of the earth. Until the heroes of Ra-Seru defeat the Mist…

Book of Prophecy – Volume Two: When reality turns into a nightmare and nightmares bring despair, the god Rem is the last hope. Rem leads humans to the depths of the Earth, and in his bosom destroys the Mist nightmare. But hear this, heroes of Ra-Seru, those who walk through the Mist! Thou must show a sign of being the heroes of Ra-Seru! The path to Rem’s bosom is ever steep and hidden in darkness. Gather at the Gate of Shadows! The path to Rem’s bosom can be found only there.

Book of Prophecy – Volume Three: The path to Rem’s bosom is at the Gate of Shadows. However, the mouth of the Gate of Shadows is shut. The Gate of Shadows is a stone flower. Only words in the Four Faces make the flower bloom. Speak to the Four Faces. Find the words engraved in the Faces and engrave them in thine hearts.

Book of Prophecy – Volume Four: The Gate of Shadows is a stone flower. The words of the Four Faces will cause a great flower to bloom. However, for the true Gate born in the flower, seek out the Key. That Key is the Star Pearl, a silent treasure that slumbers deep under the palace of Rem. The Star pearl will open the true Gate. Heroes, pass and take the ancient path to Rem’s bosom

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203844.408
You get this message after reading the fourth book (And yes, you have to read all four).

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203853.112
Gala: The secret will be revealed when you read the four books. So this is what the message Hari gave to Sashi meant. That Star Pearl must be at the bottom of the stairs. Vahn, let’s go down the stairs!
Vahn: No, Gala, I was just thinking of turning around and walking right back out.

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203902.808
Vahn: “Vahn, let’s go down the stairs!” NAH, BRAH, LET’S JUST STAND HERE AND FRIGGIN’ LOOK AT ‘EM.

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203904.536
Vahn: *sigh*

Down at the bottom of the stairs is an elevator that doesn’t work. WHAT A SURPRISE.

But then this is a thing that happens:
Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203909.784

Music: Theme of ??? (Name will be spoiled if you click on link, but she’ll say her name in like 3 shots)

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203911.984
Gala: What are you doing here?!
Mystery Woman: Ha ha ha! What am I doing? Some greeting that is! I should be asking you want you’re doing here! But let me introduce myself. I am Cara, a two-bit thief!
Noa: I’m Noa! This is Vahn and Gala!

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203931.031
Cara: Oh, you make me laugh! I’m doing what you are; sneak thieving!
Noa: Sneak thieving? What’s that?
Gala: It’s something bad! It’s stealing from people!
Noa: That’s wrong! Sneak thieving is bad! I hate bad people!

Oh shit, I would watch out, Cara, Noa is a destroyer of worlds.

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_203947.751
Cara: You mean you’re going home empty-handed, even though everyone ran away and the town is deserted?
Gala: What did you just say? Everyone ran away??
Cara: Oh boy, you guys are really clueless! That’s right! Everyone’s gone! They knew the Mist was coming, and took the elevator to an underground shelter to hide.
Noa: Underground? Shelter? So he’s still alive! Hari’s still alive! Let’s take the elevator and go find him!
Cara: Sorry kid, but the elevator won’t work. It’s locked, probably as a safety precaution.
Noa: Oh, boo-hoo!

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_204018.663
Cara: The townspeople must have taken everything with them when they went underground. The only thing I found was some measly jewel, called the Star Pearl or something.
Gala: Wait a minute, Cara! The Star Pearl! Where is it?
Cara: You want that piece of junk? Ha ha ha! Well then, I’ll tell you where it is! I palmed the Star Pearl off on a jeweler in… Jeremi. I think his name was Zalan or something.
Gala: Cara, wait! We still have much to ask you!

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_204037.695
Gala: I don’t get it… How can she travel through the Mist at will without a Ra-Seru?
Noa: The Star Pearl! Vahn, Zalan in Jeremi has the Star Pearl!

Ep. 14 P2.mp4_20150607_204048.456
…gosh darn it.


Also, the last few lines of dialogue make very little sense if you’ve never been to Jeremi yet. I guess they’re ambiguous enough, but Noa’s line shows some familiarity with Zalan, which she wouldn’t have if we had completely skipped Jeremi up to this point, though the dialogue would have remained the same.

On the other hand, if there were a modern game, I’m sure there would have been some sort of gating device or invisible wall in place to force us to Jeremi first, rather than heading out to Vidna or Octam first. Sure, the enemies would have been tougher in a “hey dude, maybe you shouldn’t be here yet” sense, but we were totally free to do this in whatever order we wanted. JUST SAYIN’.

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