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Karisto Kingdom – Legend of Legaia Ep. 22

Welcome back to Legend of Legaia! Last time, we managed to finally completely rid the Sebucus Islands of the Mist. Now, there’s one place left to go… Karisto Kingdom! So… I guess we should probably figure out how to get there, huh?

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173346.587
Well, Saryu mentioned something about a Flying Train in Octam, so I guess that’s a good place to start.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173404.155
Yeah, I don’t give a crap about your mayor. He sucks.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173413.890
Desk Jockey: Oh! Vahn, I didn’t know it was you! I’m sorry. You want to go to Karisto Kingdom? Of course, I’ll make an exception for you. The crewmen are waiting up there. Oh, and… Before you guy, I recommend buying plenty of the Doors of Wind!

A sound suggestion. But first…

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173518.378

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173532.426
Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173536.386
Oh, that’s not too bad. Only 2 new pieces of equipment. And I can afford them too! SWEET.

Music: Octam Station

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173602.650
Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173606.562
Operator 1: We can only take you halfway to Karisto Kingdom because of the Mist there! Oh, don’t worry! We’ll unhook the gondola midway, and the momentum will take you the rest of the way! Until Karisto is Mist-free, you could say it’s a one-way ticket.
Operator 2: Thank you for what you did for us underground in Octam! I just knew you would be heading to Karisto Kingdom next! That’s why I was waiting here.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173619.179
Operator 3: We can leave any time you want! Well, how about a one-way ride to Karisto? Affirmative! Yessiree! Here we go! Attach Flying Seru! All personnel in standard flight positions!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173636.274
Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173640.138

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173700.730
Well, at least Noa is into it.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173705.641
Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173712.954
And away we go!

Music: The Ride to Karisto

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173725.001 Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173729.186 Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173732.778 Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173736.745 Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173741.177

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_173752.377
Noa: Look! Look! Octam is already out of sight! We’re already at Karisto Kingdom! Soon we’ll be in Conkram. Yea, Conkram!
Gala: I know. Hari did say that your parents were in Conkram, didn’t he, Noa? Vahn… When I was in Biron Temple, I once heard… in Karisto Kingdom, Sol and Conkram were at war when the Mist first covered the earth. Zopu said he believed there was some connection between that war and the Mist. I think he was right, Vahn! But that’s not all. Behind everything, deep inside the Mist, I sense a horrible evil!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_175652.401
Gala: That is strange. We’re still in the middle of the ocean, and Karisto isn’t even in sight. Something’s not right. Why would we stop in the middle of the ocean like this?


Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_175707.897
Operator 2: (Blah blah blah)… and… (blah blah) we (blah blah)…
Operator 1: What? What?
Gala: What’s wrong? What happened?
Operator 1: We were just talking about it over here and…
Operator 2: This is not good! They say the Mist in Karisto is much stronger than they expected. So if we go any further, the Mist will start affecting our Flying Seru.
Operator 1: I thought we could go farther than this. Oh, don’t worry. It’s a nice downhill slope from here on in!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_175734.201
Operator 1: Leave everything to us! Just close the gondola door and wait! We’re counting on you!
Operator 2: Affirmative!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_175747.480
Operator 1: Woah! Man, we’re going fast! That guy is over-excited!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_175758.713
Operator 3: Vahn, Noa, Gala, we’re counting on you! Good luck!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_175803.960
Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_175809.601
Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_175812.641
Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_175815.121
Operator 1: They’re gone!
Operator 3: I hope they’re all right. Too bad the gondola doesn’t have any brakes!

Wait… what?

Operator 2: But hey, those guys have Ra-Seru!
Operator 1: You said it! Nothing can beat a Ra-Seru by your side! Alright, let’s go back!
Operator 3: Shoot! I wish the Flying Seru could swim!

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap oh crap ohcrapohcrap


Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_180629.085

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_180634.245

Music: Cara’s Theme

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_180637.757
Cara: I can’t keep getting you out of trouble, you know!
Noa: Hey, I never asked you to help me!
Gala: Cara! What are you doing here?

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_180648.789
Cara: I can’t believe this. That’s the Floating Castle! The one that sprays Mist down from the sky!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_180656.405 Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_180712.133 Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_180720.397
Noa: The Floating Castle… it’s gone.
Gala: Tell me, Cara. How are you able to travel freely through the Mist? How do you escape possession by Seru when you don’t have a Ra-Seru like us?
Cara: Ra-Seru? What is a Ra-Seru? All I have…

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_180732.717
Noa: Cara! That’s a Ra-Seru Egg! Wow!
Gala: Cara! Where did you get that Ra-Seru Egg?
Cara: Oh, so that’s what you call it, a Ra-Seru Egg! I didn’t know that!
Noa: Cara, can I have that Ra-Seru Egg?
Cara: I don’t think so! No, you can’t have it! It’s mine! Why should I give it to you? Ha ha! Well, I have to get going. I have things to do!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_180752.965
Cara: Sorry! That’s a secret!
Gala: Oh, that woman! But… I wonder where she got that Ra-Seru Egg.
Noa: Cara might really be a nice person. After all, she helped us up.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_180819.332
Unattended kiosk. Buy Travel Kits for peace of mind! Please insert 3,000G for each kit.

Hmmm… let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Travel Kit contains: 5 Healing Blooms, 1 Door of Wind, and 1 Door of Light.

I figure I should get one, that’s actually pretty good value.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_180848.180
Plus, I feel better about spending the money when I find this:

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_203633.901
Sweet. That stuff was basically free.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_203643.958
Well, here we are in Karisto Kingdom. Our eventual goal is Conkram, but there’s still a lot to do before we can make it there.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_203654.461
We start encountering new enemies since we’re in new territory. Moldy Worms are annoying, since they have a tendency to cast Moldy Breath, which causes Rot. Grudes are just tanky enemies that soak a lot of damage before going down.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_203740.029
I’m just including this picture because it is METAL AS FUCK.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_203855.692

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_203904.805
After nothing of note, we eventually make it here…

Music: Mist Covered Town

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_203908.420
Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_203921.029
Gala: This must have been built with the power of the Seru long ago. The flying trains… the city itself… Truly a pre-Mist civilization!
Noa: Let’s see what it’s like inside!
Gala: Noa, wait! Don’t go in alone!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_203933.140
Gala: Ha ha ha! There’s no arguing with Noa! Come, Vahn! We’re all going inside!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_203954.628
Gala: I heard Sol was a big place, but I never imagined it was this big.
Noa: But it’s engulfed in the Mist…
Meta: Wait! I sense human thoughts! There are survivors in there!
Ozma: The Mist doesn’t seem to have reached the upper parts of the city.
Terra: But be careful! I sense indescribable depravity!
Noa: Vahn! Gala!
Gala: Warrior-monks of Biron were sent to Sol. I hope they are still alive.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204019.900
So, Sol is basically just a gigantic spiral staircase. There are about 10 floors, and the bottom ones are all engulfed in the Mist. We’re just going to try and work our way up to the top.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204030.404
There’s an Arms Shop… it isn’t open, but I’m sure I’ll have to grind for several hours to make the money to buy everything. I look forward to it eagerly.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204044.028
The Ghost Knight is just a Drake Ghost pallete swap, but the Shade is new.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204059.491
Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204057.643
The Shade also has a unique attack, called Fatal Decision.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204201.059
Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204207.091
It’s basically a roulette game. But it’s super easy to beat, as long as you press X when the “None” icon is at the top, it will always land on None

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204223.043
Music: Boss Theme
Noa: I hear something! I hear someone fighting!
Gala: Yes, I hear it too! The sound of a monster roaring, and the sound of a sword! It must be someone being attacked by a monster!
Noa: Vahn! Let’s go help!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204239.619
Gala: Whoever it was must have been killed by the monster.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204247.291

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204250.251
????: Grotesque beasts from Hell! Pack of Seru demons! Prepare to meet thy doom. Thou shalt die by my Astral Sword!
Gala: Hold it! Old man! Calm down! We’re not Seru monsters!
Noa: Yeah! We’re human beings!
????: Forgive me. I apologize. Thou art indeed human, as I detect no madness in thine eyes.

Why is there ALWAYS one character who speaks in faux-Old English in every RPG?

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204314.227
Gaza: Forgive me and my incivility, as I live in such a defiled land. But this demon’s lair is no place for woman nor child! Hmm?

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204322.475
Gaza: No, of course not. Mine eyes doth deceive me. Mar is no longer of this world.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204329.859
Gaza: I take leave of you now.
Gala: That old man, Gaza, now there is a true swordsman! He does not drop his guard for an instant! But his eyes… his eyes showed no emotion at all. They were lifeless, cold eyes. Very disturbing…
Noa: That old man talks so funny… i couldn’t understand him. But when he looked at me and called me Mar, he seemed so nice!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204357.147
Eventually we make it to the 4th floor, where the Mist doesn’t reach.

Music: Sol Tower

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204358.779
Man: Go upstairs and have a ball! This is a fun town!

Trying to make our way up to the roof, we run into a bit of a situation…

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204403.051
Cara: Start acting like a man!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204407.098
Gala: It’s coming from there. It sounds like an argument.
Noa: Let’s go see! Vahn, let’s go inside!
Gala: That Noa is always poking her nose into everything! Come on, Vahn. Let’s go.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204440.522

Music: Cara’s Theme

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204443.842
Cara: I just want you to get back on your feet! I want the Grantes of ten years ago, before the Mist!
Cara: Everything I did, I did them hoping that, someday, you would get back on your feet. I was a no-good thief! I used the confusion to steal from people! I did things that would make my parents cry, if they knew. Me! A woman! I did all those things. Don’t you feel anything?
Grantes: I’m grateful. I’m sorry…
Cara: Grantes! You’re a sorry excuse for a man! Living off a woman… you’re no better than a pimp!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204510.314
Noa: If Grantes is a human, how can he be a pimp?
Vahn: He’s a man who lives off a woman.
Noa: Wow, Vahn, you know everything!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204521.649Noa: Grantes is bad! I hate people who are bad!
Gala: Noa, wait!
Noa: I’m going to get Grantes because he’s bad!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204529.618
Oh, geez…

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204535.209
Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204539.865
Cara: No, don’t. Please stop! He’s not bad. I’m the one who’s bad. It’s all my fault. So please, don’t hurt him. If you want to hit someone, hit me.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204557.529
Gala: Noa, don’t interfere in their business. Come on, let’s go outside!
Noa: But I didn’t do anything wrong! Grantes is the one who’s bad!

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204618.474Noa: Why? Adults are humans too! And I’m a human! I’m human just like them! Oh, I don’t understand! Gala, tell me why!
Gala: Oh, brother.
Noa: You’re so strange.
Gala: Come on, Noa! You want to go to Conkram, right?! You want to see your parents in Conkram, right?
Noa: Y-Yeah, I do. Okay, Gala. I’ll take care of Grantes later!

Geez Gala, way to take advantage of her short attention span.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204709.561
Oh no…

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204723.624
Arhglahdlvabslvashvasv, I can’t even afford certain items, let alone ALL of them.

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204825.689
Please take note of my levels. I’m going to go grind the money up for all the new equipment before continuing the story… see you on the Flip Side.


Dohati’s Castle – Legend of Legaia Ep. 21

Well, hello everyone. Last time on Save File plays Legend of Legaia, a lot of crazy shit went down. We went from an RPG to a survival horror game that was all kinds of messed up. That’s one of the weirdest parts of the game, and also one of the coolest parts. But now, we need to take care of the Mist Generator in Dohati’s Castle, so let’s get to it!

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171019.469
First things first, we’re still a little bit beat up from our encounter with Van Saryu. So we may as well stop by the Inn and rest up.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171022.556
Eliza: That’s why I’m going to be so grateful just to be alive from now on!

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171027.669
Oh, awesome! That’ll save me a spot of money.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171042.597
Now we can use the West Ratayu Key to open up the gate so we can get to Dohati’s Castle.


Time for it to Get REAL. – Legend of Legaia Ep. 20

Welcome back to the Let’s Play of Legend of Legaia here with Save File. Last time, we managed to fend off Songi, and revive the Genesis Tree at Mt. Letona, thus freeing Ratayu from the Mist. Our next goal is to take down the Mist Generator itself, but let’s see how everyone in Ratayu is doing first, shall we?

Ep. 20 P1.mp4_20150720_180057.838
Whoa, I’ve heard some harsh criticisms of marriage, but daaaaaaang.

Music: Town Free of Mist?

Ep. 20 P1.mp4_20150720_180102.254
Ep. 20 P1.mp4_20150720_180107.079
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180205.558

(At this point in time, I stopped recording in order to go grind for money for several hours.) I ended up buying all the new stuff though.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180223.870
I know when I’m upset/depressed, I sleep a lot. Maybe the party wants to do that given how hard it is to earn money, and how easy it is to spend it.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180227.142
Man: After everything that had happened, I thought there was no danger of her being taken as a Seru bride. But I was wrong. After all those years in the Mist, Saryu’s heart didn’t change. Soon, they’ll be coming to take my daughter away to be a Seru bride, just like they used to do. If this is what we have to go through now, I wish the Mist had never cleared.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180244.158
Eliza: I have been chosen by Saryu to be a Seru bride. Soon the soldiers will take me away. But, please, don’t worry about me. After all, I’m fortunate not to have died in the Mist… And all of my good friends have already gone to the castle too. And besides, if I don’t go to the castle, my parents will be hurt… or worse. I have heard that you are the heroes who drove out the Mist. That’s why I have a favor to ask you. I’m concerned about my parents. Please check up on them once in a while after I’m gone.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180310.798
Noa: Vahn! We can’t let Eliza go! Don’t let her be a Seru bride! I’ll… I’ll go in her place. I’ll be the Seru bride instead! I’m strong! I won’t die! So Vahn, let me go instead of Eliza! Please!
Vahn: …OK.
Noa: Thank you, Vahn! I knew you would understand! But don’t worry about me. Terra is with me, so we’ll get that Saryu.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180342.926

Well… I… I guess I’m already prepared, huh?

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180408.181
Noa: I’ll be all right! Don’t worry about me! Here, give me that dress!
Eliza: Oh, I am so fortunate!

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180420.533
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180423.861
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180431.645
Well… this game took one hell of a left turn somewhere.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180435.006
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180443.965
Looks like they’re taking Noa to the castle…

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180449.501
Hrmm, I wasn’t able to check that room out.

Music: The Genesis Tree

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180457.365
Well, that’s an ominous hallway…

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180500.269

Music: Henchmen of the Mist

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180503.685
Seru Bride: Oh, the pain…


Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180515.077
Scientist 1: Hee hee! Here’s a vigorous looking girl. So full of life! Now Juggernaut will grow even fast! Hee hee hee!

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180558.404
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180602.541
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180606.445
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180610.021
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180613.260
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180616.796

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180623.373
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180626.916
Scientist 2: When Saryu arrives, you will all join those young girls! Soon you won’t even be able to walk! Time to lament what remains of the world!

Music: Van Saryu

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180643.076
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180711.604
Saryu: So consider yourselves lucky to be brides of Seru! Now be quiet! That’s an order!
Noa: Saryu, what you’ve done is unforgivable!

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180721.612

Saryu: The brides are not dead. Their vigorous bodies live. Now, connect them to the machine.

And Fade to Black…

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180730.284
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180733.828
Ozma: Gala! We must hurry! Noa is in danger!
Meta: Noa should be where Saryu is, so let’s find Saryu!
Gala: Vahn, it looks like we’re next!

Music: Noa in Danger

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_180747.700

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185559.695
Guard: So we will obey what Saryu has ordered.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185618.583
There are some guard Seru in front of the doors, but I am not about to let that stop me from rescuing Noa!

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185621.623

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185649.503

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185705.495
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185714.527
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185716.998
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185723.735
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185730.495

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185733.486
Scientist:  Hee hee hee! Juggernaut is nearly full of life force.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185738.847
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185745.959
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185747.950
Gala: PWND

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185751.230
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185800.255
Noa: I never stopped believing! I knew I could count on my Vahn and Gala!

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185807.262
Saryu: You have done something I have not ordered. I don’t like you! You must die! Die! That’s an order! I will KILL YOU!

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185815.831
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185818.407

Music: Boss Battle

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185823.686
Well, here’s our next boss; Van Saryu.  Luckily, he’s not actually that tough.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_185831.399
The battle plan is the usual. Spirit a bunch, then unleash hell. A lot of hell.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190046.557
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190048.726
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190051.230
Earthquake here is his most threatening move, and it does about 650 damage to anyone who hasn’t spirited, 200 to someone who has. It’s hard to predict when he’s going to use it, but it’s not too hard to stay on top of the healing.

However… you may have noticed my maniacal laughter upon the fact that I acquired a Kemaro Seru…

Let me show that off:

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190115.981

A few castings of that, and Noa and Gala beating on Saryu’s ass, and it’s a pretty foregone conclusion.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190119.869

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190127.389
Gala: Blasted Sim-Seru! It deserves to be destroyed.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190133.717
Oh… and there it goes.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190142.581
Saryu: W-Where am I? What room is this? !!

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190152.517
Saryu: This machine must never be turned on! Turn it off! You must turn it off!

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190207.965
Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190218.757
Ahahahaha, the best part of this whole thing is Noa waving goodbye to Juggernaut.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190221.797

Music: Happy Town!

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190229.804
Saryu: Yes, I am entirely responsible for the tragedies that occurred in this town. One day, a man named Dohati came to the castle with a most unusual Seru. Foolishly, I put the Seru on. It was an evil Seru they had created… a Sim-Seru! My mind was controlled by the Sim-Seru. It made me turn on the device sealed underground. For Dohati, I made Juggernaut and sacrificed many of the town’s young women to… The device’s records show that I made one Juggernaut before the Mist came. The Sim-Seru gave me only one command: to create an infinite number of that monster! Ironically, that resulted in your helping us to revive the Genesis Tree. Had it not been for you, I probably would have remained a foolish puppet of the Mist. I will do anything for you! Ah, yes… here! I give you this!

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190307.292
Saryu: That will enable you to get to Dohati’s castle. Please destroy the Mist’s henchmen… Dohati and Juggernaut.

Ep. 20 P2.mp4_20150720_190317.565
Saryu: That may be somehow related to Juggernaut.

Well… that.. that was certainly an adventure. The game takes a major dark twist right here. Dang.

NEXT TIME: Dohati’s Castle!

Dinosaur’s Thoughts – Silent Hill: Downpour



These days it’s gotten pretty hard to be a Silent Hill fan. And by “these days,” I mean since about 2004. 2004 saw the release of the last numbered Silent Hill game, “Silent Hill 4: the Room.” And while many (myself included) considered it to be nowhere near as good as the first 3 games, it was still pretty decent. My only real complaint was the re-use of every single dungeon/area, sans the hospital.

Unfortunately, we had no idea what was to come.


Mt. Letona – Legend of Legaia Ep. 19

Welcome back, dear readers! Last time on Save File plays Legend of Legaia, we royally screwed up Vidna, and realized how much Octam’s mayor sucks. On the other hand, at least he gave us our next objective: To revive the Genesis Tree on Mt. Letona, located to the East of Ratayu, all places we haven’t been yet. So let’s hop to it!

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_173553.185
So since we haven’t been to Ratayu yet, we just have to hoof it.

Music: World Map

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_173609.217
We’ve been to Octam and the Shadow Gate. This sign is actually pretty useful, since the Sebucus Islands kind of suck to navigate.

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Here we are, this looks promising.