Jeremi – Legend of Legaia Ep. 13

Oh, welcome back then! It has been several days since I last worked on this update… because I spent literally hours grinding for money for the best equipment… I also gained some levels in there.

Ep. 12.9.mp4_20150605_213551.731

Music: Noa’s Dream

Ep. 12.9.mp4_20150605_213603.962
Noa’s Father(?): So warm… such a pure heart. She’s growing up healthily. She seems to have made some wonderful friends.
Noa: Who is it? Who’s there?
Noa’s Father(?): Noa… Can you hear me? It’s me… your father…

Noa: My father? Father! Is it you, Father? Is Mother there too?
Noa’s Father(?): Yes. Both of us are watching over you, Noa!
Noa: I… I want to see you, Father! I want to see Mother too!
Noa’s Father(?): And we want to see you. But… We are trapped in eternal darkness. All we… can do… is send you… our words… through your pure heart… in your dreams… It pains me… to send you… our words… like this…
Noa: Father!
Noa’s Mother(?): Mother… wants to see you too… Noa… We’re… waiting for you…
Noa: Just hang on, Mother and Father. I’ll be there soon!

Ep. 12.9.mp4_20150605_213655.826

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_214907.469
So here’s the screenshot I took right before entering Jeremi again. Everyone has gained several levels. I probably ground money out for about 4 hours. It… it wasn’t really fun. But it should make the next few hours of gameplay relatively painless in terms of battle.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_214913.390 Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_214915.069 Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_214916.261
Everyone has the best armor I can get.  Also, please note that everyone has a Forest Amulet equipped. That means I ground out another 6,000G on top of the 15,000 or so I ground out for the standard equipment. But again, I will really appreciate it during the next boss battle.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_214933.813

Music: Mist Covered Town

I’m going right for the big building at the back.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_214940.109
It’s got a pretty sweet floor.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215002.564
This is Vahn decked out in his new gear.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215014.813
Oh, hey, an elevator!

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215017.077
…of course. Anyways, I have to take several elevators to get to the top. It is very uneventful. So I’ll just cut out all the crap.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215019.604
Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215032.517
There’s a new Seru. I try to absorb it, but I’m pretty overpowered for the regular enemies at this point, and I don’t run into another one.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215623.610
This happened on the way up though! You can also see Gala’s new body armor and his new weapon in this shot.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215634.642
I make it to the top eventually.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215641.042
Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215647.017
But I… I DIDN’T KNOW! I could have saved myself like 15-20 minutes of torture!  HNNNNNNGGGGFFFFFFFFFF….

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215654.762
It’s a Seru!
Noa: A Seru? I didn’t know Seru could be this weird.
Terra: Have you fogotten? Seru themselves are blameless. It’s all the Mist’s fault. Long exposure to the Mist must have turned that Seru into such a horrible creature.
Meta: It’s clinging to the Genesis Tree to absorb the energy that it emits.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215708.474
This goes about as well as one would expect.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215709.554
Noa: Hey!
Gala: The only way to revive the Genesis Tree is to defeat him first! Let’s go!

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215716.625

Music: Boss Fight

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215719.017
In a way, I’m glad I did so much grinding, because this fight is pretty rough even WITH all of the equipment I bought and the extra levels. You’re actually expected to come here right after finishing Biron, and I just… I understand why some people never finished this game.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215723.402
Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215725.834
Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215731.370
You should really never attack in a boss battle without using Spirit first.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215729.410
So you can get poisoned in this battle, but luckily, it’s mostly a nuisance, like in most other RPGs. The reason for the Forest Amulets is that this boss can also inflict Rot. Unlike poison, Rot can be crippling. Rot will affect a character’s limbs, and prevent you from attacking using those limbs. If a character’s legs are afflicted with Rot, you cannot use low or high attacks. If a character’s left arm gets affected, no left arm. That means any arts using those limbs won’t work. And it is entirely possible for a character’s entire body to get hit with Rot, meaning they can’t attack unless they use magic.

Which, of course, would make an already difficult battle nearly impossible. Thus, the grind for the Forest Amulets.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215742.530 Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_215748.265
Vahn and Noa can both use 7 commands when Spirited. This means SUPER ARTS!

The Berserker can take plenty of hits, unfortunately.

I don’t have any new Arts to show off for Gala, but he’s holding up surprisingly well on the damage front compared to Vahn and Noa who are busting out the Super Arts.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222113.762
Of course, I’m making it look like I’m just kicking the boss’s ass. That is not what is happening. Not at all. I wouldn’t want to give you any delusions about how this is really going.


Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222159.471

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222225.447
Okay, he’s getting knocked down from attacks, that means he’s getting close to the end of his rope!

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222251.607

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222330.526
HA HA HAAAAA, YESSSSSS. I cannot imagine how the heck butt you are supposed to do this straight from Biron, about 3 levels lower than I am now, and with worse equipment. I mean, I know I did it when I was younger, but I’m pretty sure I died fighting the Berserker several time. I know I also died fighting Zeto several times. And the Caruban.

…Bosses are hard in this game.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222338.999
Noa: Hurry! Hurry! Vahn, we have to help the Genesis Tree!

Music: Reviving a Genesis Tree

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222350.326
He felt a gentle warmth in the palm of his hand.

Noa reached out swiftly for the Genesis Tree.
She felt a quiet strength in the palm of her hand.

Gala reached out strongly for the Genesis Tree.
He felt pure joy in the palm of his hand.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222411.639   Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222414.399Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222421.566Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222453.046

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222500.453
Noa: Terra and I are even stronger! This is great!
Gala: So this is how the Ra-Seru become stronger…

Music: Revived Genesis Tree

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222512.542
Man: Was I asleep… Or was I awake? Oh, the Mist came, then…
Woman: Hey, look! The Genesis Tree is changing!
Man: Woah! The Mist is disappearing too! Something is happening! There’s someone next to the Genesis Tree! They must have driven away the Mist! Oh, how wonderful!

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222535.773
Vahn: Yes.
Man: I knew it! Thank you so much! How wonderful! It’s a miracle! Tell me how you did it!

The party then proceeds to tell him through pantomime. Probably because they don’t need to recap the whole story up until now because we’ve just played it.

Man: I’ll hurry down ahead of you so I can tell the people of Jeremi about this miracle!
Woman: Some people never change… The Sky Gardens’ plants are even more vibrant than they were before the Mist came. It must be because you awakened the Genesis Tree!

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222624.013
Well, let’s head on down, I suppose.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222639.285
We can take the Rapid Elevator now, at least!

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222648.093
Mayor: The townspeople have rushed over to get a look at all of you!  Please, come this way. When I told the townspeople about your brave deeds, they were ecstatic! Oh, come now! The townspeople are so anxious to see you! Let’s go! All right, this way, please! Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for your patience. Wearing Ra-Seru, these heroes braved the Mist and revived the Genesis Tree! Here they are, the heroes who saved Jeremi: Vahn! Noa! Gala!

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222716.789 Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222720.829 Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222718.213
Mayor: Don’t push! Everyone, please calm down! Oof! I’m being crushed! Mmff!!

Music: Jeremi

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222738.892
Mayor: I’m so sorry about yesterday. I never thought that would happen! I have firmly instructed everyone not to cause any ruckus this time. Well then, good luck. Good luck.

Well, that’s it! Jeremi is free of the Mist and we’re allowed to go explore the town. I found a Power Water and a Healing Bloom around the town, which I also could have found earlier, but I’m really starting to get sick of random battles, so I just decided to head right for the boss.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222825.828
The store doesn’t have anything new. It has a mix of the equipment you could buy in the Ancient Wind Cave and Vidna, which I guess makes sense, since you’re supposed to come here before Vidna. But there is one person/place of interest to battle.

Ep. 13.mp4_20150605_222831.164
Zalan: I have a favor to ask of you. Will you listen?
Vahn: Yes.
Zalan: Oh, thank you! I have a wife and son in Vidna. I don’t know how things are in Vidna, but… If they are alive, I want them to know I am safe. That’s why I wrote this letter. But I can’t deliver the letter because of the Mist outside town. I heard that you can travel through the Mist. All I ask of you… is that you deliver this letter to my wife and son in Vidna. My wife’s name is Yuma. My son is called Pepe. I hope they are safe.

Er, well, about that… y’see… Pepe is fine. Your wife, though…

See, that’s what I WOULD say, but the game doesn’t made a case for the fact that you can visit Vidna before liberating Jeremi. We know that Pepe is fine and Yuma passed away, but the game is like TOO BAD. So next time, uh… I guess we should try and find Hari? I don’t really remember what happens next, to be honest, I kind of did things a little out of order.

So NEXT TIME: A surprise, perhaps?

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