The Sebucus Islands – Legend of Legaia Ep. 12

Oh, hey there, welcome back! Last time on Legend of Legaia… uhhh…

Ep. 11.5.mp4_20150601_212632.555
Ep. 11.5.mp4_20150601_212643.178

Let’s not talk about it.

Anyways, THIS TIME on Let’s Play Legend of Legaia, we’re pretty much done with the Drake Kingdom, and it’s time to move on to the next big portion of the game, the Sebucus Islands! To get there, we have to head out of Biron Monastery like we’re going to West Voz Forest.

Music: World Map Free of Mist

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174729.381
Like so.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174740.669
Damn, it really takes forever to get anywhere on the World Map.

Music: Cave Theme

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174754.620
We were actually in here earlier, to get Noa some Seru. Now that the Mist is gone, it’s a completely different place!

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174758.549
Old Wizard: “Now that the Mist has amazingly disappeared, I was just waiting for a customer. Welcome to my shop. I have everything and anything. Come on into the back.”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174808.927

This shop doesn’t have anything new for Vahn or Gala, but it DOES have a full, new equipment set for Noa.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174847.668
Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174859.540
Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174916.876
Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174925.884
Yep, 4 new pieces of equipment for Noa. And I pretty much broke the bank to get all of it. Stuff is expensive in this game.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174944.436
There’s a lever there. I moved it. I am good at timing screenshots.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174947.964
That lever opens up a door that allows us to move farther into the cave.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174955.579
There’s also this piece of equipment, which is pretty nice…

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174959.116
I wonder if that would have done anything against the Bees? …I doubt it.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175008.859
Heading through the door, the next area is kind of maze-y, but not. There’s some treasure to grab though.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175021.244

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175027.635
I make my way through eventually.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175029.763
Old Witch: “I am called the Old Water Witch. I’ve been in business here for forty years. But it’s been ten years since I’ve had any customers! I’m so happy now! Well, come on in! I run a store and an Inn. You must be tired. Come along and I’ll get you a room for the night. Do you want to spend the night?”
Vahn: “Yes.”
Old Witch: “Well, enjoy your stay!”

Free rest in an RPG? You know what that means…

Music: The Dream

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175045.643
Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175048.763
Noa: “Boo-hoo! Where are we?”
Vahn: “We may be dreaming.”
Gala: “Perhaps… But if this is a dream, it feels different from an ordinary dream. What’s the matter?”
Noa: “A voice! I hear a voice! Who is it? My mother… it sounds like my mother!”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175105.315
Damn, shut down hard.

Voice: “My name is Hari! I inhabit a world between the dream world and the human world. I have a message for those in the human world and who are with Ra-Seru. They are the true words of Rem. Go to Octam, the ancient yet eternal city, far away in the heart of Sebucus. There, compassionate human beings will learn the true meaning of all dreams!”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175127.611
Noa: “Hari is going to tell us what our dreams mean…”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175139.035
Vahn: “I guess we should find Hari.”
Noa: “Yeah, you’re right, Vahn.”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175145.115
Vahn: “Yes.”
Girl: “Oh, good! I dream a lot too! Dreams tell you about your future, you know. Do youw ant to learn how to tell the future from your dreams?”
Vahn: “Yes.”
Girl: “I knew it! I knew you were interested in dreams! Somewhere on the Sebucus Islands is a person who lives in a dream world. His name is Hari.”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175159.066
Noa: “Can Hari really tell you what a dream means?”
Girl: “Yes. My grandma told me so.”
Noa: “He’s in Octam. Hari is in Octam, right?”
Girl: “Octam? I’m sorry, I don’t know much about the outside world.”
Noa: “Oh. *sigh* Vahn! I’ve made up my mind! I’m going to look for Hari! Vahn, will you help me find Hari?”
Vahn: “Of course I’ll help you find him!”
Noa: “Good! I’m so happy! Thank you, Vahn!”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175220.243
Boy: “I’ve heard it was a beautiful town famous for an amazing tree and the Sky Gardens, but now, who knows?”
Little Girl: “The old woman, she’s a nice person, don’t you think? We were orphans, but she was kind enough to raise us. The Sebucus Islands to the north are covered by the Mist. Be sure you have everything you need.”

Well, I think it’s about time to be hitting the ol’ dusty trail…
Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175249.274
Old Witch: “You’re my first customers in a long time. I can’t let you go away empty-handed!”
Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_175257.122
Oh, well, that’s pretty nice!

Noa: “Old Witch, what is this?”
Old Witch: “What? You don’t know about Doors of Wind? Let’s see, where do I start? It’s an item that lets you fly – anytime – to a town you’ve visited at least once. You can’t use it in caves or inside a town, but… Many islands make up the Sebucus Islands. Use the Wind Door to get around there.”
Gala: “Thank you for your kindness.”
Old Witch: “Oh, don’t mention it. Well, good luck to you.”

Well, heading out… the first thing that happens is I get into a battle! WOO!
Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_183951.855
New Territories means new enemies.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_184100.454
Here’s Noa decked out in her new gear.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_184136.310
More enemies.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_184143.629
For being called the Sebucus Islands, they aren’t very… island-y. I mean, there are bridges everywhere, but I guess I always imagine islands being farther apart. WHATEVER THOUGH.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_184146.861

Music: Mist Covered Town

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_184153.694
Terra: “Noa, it’s a Genesis Tree! I sense a Genesis Tree!”
Gala: “That means we can save this town if we revive that Genesis Tree!”
Ozma: “I sense that the Genesis Tree is somewhere in town… someplace high up.”
Noa: “How exciting! I want to go! I want to go to the high place!”
Gala: “Oh, brother…”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192357.340

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192402.131
Here are some new enemies. Well, one new enemy. We’ve seen the Nighto before. But this is a LEVEL TWO Nighto!

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192421.518
Er… anyways… I’ll come back here. The game kind of opens up at this point and you can really go wherever you want. It’s assumed that you would do this town (Jeremi) first, but you can go explore other places too. I’m going to go check out the next town.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192429.612

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192435.459
The enemies get tougher the further you go into the islands, the game’s way of kind of saying “Hey, you shouldn’t really be here yet!” but they aren’t anything I can’t handle.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192450.795
Plus, that means more levels and more money!

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192504.844
The Oak Slimes can be very lucrative if battles go your way. They can use a move called Divide, where one basically becomes two. They aren’t very tough, and another Oak Slime means more rewards.

But pretty soon, I make it to the next town (which I forgot to take a shot of from the outside, apparently).

Music: Town Theme

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192516.883
I have no idea why this guy says this. He is not selling anything or offering any services.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192520.971
Woman: “Pepe lives behind the hot spring. He came with his mother and got stuck here.”

Those two thoughts didn’t seem very related. I’m thirsty.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192527.459
Seru-Man: “But here, there’s no Mist, so you can wear Seru safely. Of course, there’s no need for them.”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192531.611

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192534.843

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192538.211
OH MY HEAD. LOOK AT THOSE PRICES. New Body Armor for Gala, and a completely new armor set for Vahn… and I can’t afford any of it. ARGH.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192552.443
I’m stealing the Shopkeep’s Magic Leaf out of spite.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192610.515
Good to know?

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192632.947
A ship of dreams sails the Milky Way
Look, now, there it is

The Gate of Shadows
Hari waits there
Hari has one heart, but
Hari has three faces,
Hari has three mouths.
Hari dreams three dreams.

Well… that child decided to sing to me. So there’s that.

Let’s move on.
Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192646.819
Pepe: “My father’s name is Zalan. He’s a jeweler. Sigh! If only the Mist would go away, I could go to Jeremi and see my father…”


Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192701.075
Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192708.651
Fuck the po-po.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192714.802

Noa: “Hey! Gala, look! People from Biron! It’s a lot of Biron people! …Gala, what’s wrong? I thought the Biron people were your friends!”
Gala: “It’s just that I’ve violated the teachings of Biron by wearing Ozma.”
Noa: “What’s the matter, Gala? Zopu forgave you! Then why? Vahn, say something to Gala.”
Vahn: “They’ll understand if you explain yourself.”
Gala: “But…”
Noa: “Gala, Vahn is right! And what’s more… Ozma isn’t a Seru. He’s a Ra-Seru. So you didn’t do anything wrong!”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192738.602
Noa: “That’s right! A Ra-Seru isn’t the same thing as a Seru.”
Woman: “Oh, Hari, your prophecy has come true!”
Gala: “And you are?”
Woman: “Allow me to introduce myself. I am called Sashia.”

I think the only reason her name isn’t “Sasha” is just so it would be that much more annoying to type. I hate it.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192751.242
Sashia: “Not really a friend… I serve Hari. I am a priestess at the Temple of Rem. Before the Mist came, Hari instructed me to go to Vidna. I was to wait for three youths wearing Ra-Seru and give them The Message.”
Gala: “Hari knew that we would come here?”
Noa: “Wow! That Hari is amazing! Where is he? I want to meet him!”
Sashia: “I am sure that Hari awaits your visit too. I shall now give you The Message, as instructed by Hari. ‘Go to the Temple of Rem! See the four Books of Prophecy! When you have seen them all, the secret will be clear! A brave Ra-Seru will acquire a great key, the Star Pearl!'”
Gala: “Four Books of Prophecy? Star Pearl? What is this, a riddle?”
Sashia: “Hari said that with this, the youths wearing the Ra-Seru would find a way.”
Gala: “Umm…”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192826.753
Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192830.594
Gala: “Actually, not… anymore.”
Monk: “Things being the way they are, I am sure there are very good reasons. Nonetheless… You are the visitors that Sashia has waited for all this time. Please, rest here.”


Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192842.697

Well then. One last place of interest here in Vidna!
Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192850.138
Vahn: “Um… no.”
Mrs. Danpas: “Oh. While you’re here, though, take a look at the underground shelter.”

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192856.841

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192902.073
Vahn: “…yes?”
Danpas: “The townspeople here don’t realize how horrible the Mist is. Don’t you fellows agree?
Vahn: “Yes.”
Danpas: “You know, you seem pretty smart. What would happen if for some reason the windmills stopped? The Mist would swallow us all. We’d all be eaten by the Seru, or possessed by them. That’s why I’m preparing for when that happens. I built an underground shelter. And what do the townspeople do? They treat me like a lunatic. Fools. Fools! They’re all fools! You seem to know what’s going on, so if the Mist ever comes, you can hide in here. For you fellows, I’ll have an especially good hiding place.”

Well, that’s about it for Vidna. I could go further into the islands, or I could go back to Jeremi. But instead, what I’m going to choose to do is grind out the money for all the equipment here, plus some bonuses… and THEN I’ll tackle Jeremi…

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_192932.937
Take note of this screenshot, and compare it to when I come back…


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