The Mist Generator (Again) – Legend of Legaia Ep. 11

Okay, this time I PROMISE we’ll take care of the Mist Generator. I just felt so satisfied ending last episode after beating Songi. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, let’s finish this puppy off!

Music: Mist Generator

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175323.837
Gala has pretty much caught up in levels, which is nice.  Everyone’s levels & HP totals are pretty reasonable for where we’re at (I hope).

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175348.333
Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175350.693
Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175352.853
Everyone’s decked out in the best available equipment. Please note that everyone has a Deep Sea Jewel equipped. I had to do a LOT of grinding off-camera to get those, but they’ll make the next boss fight, which is so difficult it has caused people to quit the game, much, much easier. For reference’s sake, each Deep Sea Jewel costs 2,000G. So… yeah.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175357.020
That’s the bridge Songi was hanging out on. It’s inaccessible to us… I wonder how he got up there?

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175408.109
Another elevator.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175410.053
We’re still going down. We’ve gotta be pretty deep underground by now.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175414.972
One last hallway.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175424.805
It’s a long one too, and the camera angle slowly pans downward as you run down the hallway, making it seem even longer. It’s a kind of neat trick.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175427.548
Terra: “The Mist Generator is a machine that creates Mist and a product of humans’ evil desires.”
Gala: “Can we really destroy something that big?”
Ozma: “With our faith, Ra-Seru and humans can destroy this machine together!”
Meta: “This machine does not belong on earth! Let’s go!”

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175453.828
Vahn Noa Gala: “YAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!”

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175457.148
Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175459.660
Zeto: “You should have accepted the MIst obediently. Instead, you resist so foolishly. I, Zeto, will now put an end to your futile resistance!”
Noa: “I know you! You’re the one who bothered me at Mt. Rikuroa! You did those horrible things to Terra the wolf! I… I.. I’ll make you pay!”

And then…

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175514.012 Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175515.461
Zeto turns into… a crab. Huh. That… was unexpected.

Music: Mist Generator Guardian
Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175520.108
Zeto is a bastard. A damn bastard. I died so many times on this fight when I was younger. Now, I’m older and wiser, and I understand HOW THINGS WORK.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175523.564
First, everyone uses Spirit. You basically want to do this every other turn, as much as you can.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175526.988
You know, I honestly expected him to hit harder. But to be fair, Vahn was Spiriting this turn as well.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175530.308
And then next turn… you UNLEASH HELL.

Noa now has 7 inputs when she uses Spirit. This means she has access to Super Arts… such as the following:

Vahn doesn’t really do anything new. He still pulls off a 6 move combo like Cyclone + Charging Scorch, or something similar.

Gala, however… Gala now has 5 inputs when he uses Spirit. Gala also has several 5 input Arts…
Gala has become such a badass in a very short amount of time.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175546.419
This is the message you want to watch out for. It’s not lying.

Unless you’re like me and Spirit the turn of the attack and grind out 6,000G for Deep Sea Jewels. What you’re seeing here is basically 1/4 of the damage this move usually does. It would do about 200 damage if I didn’t have the Deep Sea Jewels. If I didn’t have the Jewels and DIDN’T Spirit… well… Noa would probably be dead, and Vahn and Gala in the deep red. Without the precautions I took for this fight, it is very, very hard to keep up with the healing and stay on the offensive in this battle.

More of Gala being awesome.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175608.044
Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175609.868
Poisonous Bubbles hits pretty hard, but it’s only a single target attack.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175624.803
I was so afraid of how tough this battle was going to be. Maybe I just have some terrible memories of it, because it wasn’t that bad.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175644.084
Or maybe I’m over leveled and super well-prepared.

This is Gala’s last 5 move Art. You can see that Zeto is getting knocked down now, that means he’s almost done. It’s another nice little touch, if you look at the earlier gifs, he stayed standing after being hit. But as he gets weaker, he starts falling after attacks. All enemies do this.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175706.323
Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175709.243
This is seriously the only healing I did in this battle.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175730.835
Zeto starts to charge up another Big Wave attack…

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175738.787
But Gala takes him out before he can even use it.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175741.979
I really, really expected this to be much more difficult. But hey, I’m not complaining.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175748.699
Zeto: “Those Ra-Seru, who don’t even know the Mist’s salvation? Forgive me, Prince Cort!”

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175754.307
And then he disintegrates.

Music: The Genesis Tree

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175800.147
Meta: “We must work as one! Attack!”

Meta, Terra and Ozma go into the Mist Generator and take it down from the inside out.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175814.339
And the Mist Generator stops producing Mist!

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175822.410
Noa: “Terra? Terra, are you sad? I can tell that you’re crying, Terra.”
Terra: “You’re so kind, Noa. But don’t worry about me.”
Noa: “But…”
Meta: “After all, the detestable Mist that surrounded Drake Kingdom is now gone!”
Terra: “But we mustn’t rest yet! We still have to destroy those who created these infernal machines!”
Ozma: “There are also people in other areas still suffering in the horrible Mist!”
Terra: “Resting now is the same as giving up!”

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175844.434
And the party runs off!

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175846.819
But left behind, unseen by them, is a single Ra-Seru egg…

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175848.123
Which falls to pieces and disappears…

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175855.370
Zopu: “There must also be a Mist Generator in the north, which is still enveloped in the Mist. Honorable Gala!”

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175900.845
Zopu: “I see. Well, then, Gala! I want you to go after Songi. That Seru on Songi’s arm… Obviously it is not a Ra-Seru. And I cannot help but suspect the influence of some evil presence, Zeto perhaps. Fighting the Mist also means tracking down Songi.”

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175910.754
Music: Mei’s Theme

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175916.898
Noa: “Maya, you’re really going back alone? I can go with you.”
Maya: “Thank you, Noa. But the Mist Generator has been destroyed. I’ll be all right. Come visit me in Rim Elm sometime. We’ll have fun talking together again.”
Noa: “Okay!”
Maya: “Vahn, you’ve been chosen by the Ra-Seru, so don’t be ashamed of it.”
Vahn: “Thank you. I’ll do my best!”
Maya: “Vahn, you’re a brave man, and I’ll be sure to tell Mei and Val how brave you are! Well, it makes me sad to watch people walk away from me. So I’ll leave ahead of you. Goodbye, everyone.”
Noa: “Goodbye, Maya.”
Zopu: “Yes, good luck to you.”
Gala: “Have a safe journey.”

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_175947.282
Gala: “Vahn, to the north of Drake Kingdom, people are suffering because of the Mist. But we can save them.”
Noa: “Vahn, to the north! Let’s go to the north and fight the Mist!”
Vahn: “Follow me, everyone!”
Gala: “That’s the spirit! Vahn, you’re the leader! We’re all counting on you!”
Noa: “Vahn, you’re the greatest!”

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_180001.538
It’s hard to see, but she blew him a kiss here.

Ep. 11.mp4_20150601_180005.314
Zopu: “But you saved the Drake Kingdom, and together, the three of you can save the world!”




I really thought this update was going to be longer, but the fight with Zeto went way smoother than I anticipated. But I still feel like this is a good ending spot. So next time, THE NORTH, perhaps?

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