The Mist Generator – Legend of Legaia Ep. 10

Welcome back! I’m not doing a recap, because today we’re destroying the Mist Generator, and that is what is important here.


Music: Biron Monastery

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204208.499
Zopu: “Biron has been freed from the Mist. I thank you again. But, you, Master Teacher!”
Gala: “Yes, sir!”
Zopu: “You defied the teachings of Biron and wore a Seru. As a ruler of the Biron Order, I cannot forgive you. I hereby excommunicate you!”

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204319.851
Noa: “Zopu, what does ‘excommunication’ mean?”
Gala: “Noa, it means I’m no longer welcome at Biron Monastery.”
Noa: “What! That’s not right! Gala didn’t do anything bad! How can you kick him out after he fought so hard for us? Zopu, that’s wrong!”
Gala: “Noa, stop! Zopu is only doing what he must. Monks like me all take a vow to obey certain rules. I broke those rules, and so I cannot be a monk of Biron anymore.”
Noa: “That’s okay, Gala. Vahn and I will be your friends! Vahn and I won’t ever turn our backs on you!”


Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204345.450
Maya: “And Noa, and Master Teacher! You’re all safe! I heard about what you did. That’s really something! I’m so proud of you. I also heard that the Genesis Tree caused the thick mist in the northwest valley to thin, revealing a strange castle. Vahn, I know you. You plan on going to that castle, don’t you?”
Vahn: “Yes.”
Maya: “I knew it! Brave son of Val! You are truly a native of Rim Elm. I’m so proud of you. You’re so brave! I’ll be in the kitchen, so come see me later!”

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204405.779
Zopu: “Hmm. I t was ten years ago, when that castle was built and the Mist flowed into this region. Unless we destroy that castle, the Mist will never go away and more tragedies will occur. I am sure of it. Vahn, Noa. I’m counting on your Ra-Seru. And you too, Gala.”
Gala: “Yes, Master Zopu!”
Zopu: “Gala, I want you to take care of Songi! Even if it means wearing a Seru against the rules of Biron. You and Songi… You are two of my dearest pupils. Like my own flesh and blood! Gala, I’m counting on you to take care of Songi!”
Gala: “Yes, sir!”

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204430.842
Zopu: “He took a shortcut in order to become stronger. How foolish… And Gala has also used a Seru. The times are changing. Perhaps old men like me cannot keep up. What a pity.”

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204448.090
Maya: “I wanted to give you this before you headed off to the Mist Generator. Good luck, all of you. I’ll be waiting here for your safe return.”

And then she hands over 10 Healing Leaves. I appreciate anything that is given to me as a gift, so I love it.

But more importantly… the equipment shop has new stock!
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204509.282
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204510.465
And it is SO EXPENSIVE.  My priority is getting Gala’s equipment, since all he has is a weapon. After some inventory juggling (and selling some unnecessary items) I manage to get everything I want except a weapon upgrade for Vahn. But I distinctly remember there being a better one in the next dungeon, so I figure I can wait for that and not waste my money.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204517.050 Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204523.818 Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204528.257 Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204552.666 Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204607.466 Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204622.625
All in all, it’s worth it. The upgrades are very nice, and the next dungeon is pretty tough, as is the boss, so I figure it’s better to spend all the money for the best hopes of survival.

That’s really all there is to do in Biron Monastery. I stop to talk to one more guy on my way out though.
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204647.665
This is actually pretty depressing.  If you remember about 3 updates ago, I spent a majority of the post just talking to everyone in Biron Monastery. This room alone had about 6-7 people in it. Now, there’s just this one lone monk, and the guard. A LOT of people died here, and seeing this big room almost completely empty really drives that home.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204657.433
Our next destination is the Mist Generator in the Northeast Northwest (I am bad at directions).

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204705.433
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204717.281

Music: Mist Generator
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204723.673
Gala: “It’s a smokestack! Thick Mist is pouring out from that smokestack!”
Ozma: “That is where the Mist that engulfed Drake Kingdom comes from!”
Terra: “Now listen, Noa. This castle has caverns deep underground. Deep inside them is a Mist Generator! That’s where the Mist is coming from!”

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204736.969
Terra: “You’re a good girl. That’s right, Noa. We have to destroy the Mist Generator!”
Meta: “Once we reach the Mist Generator, we can stop the Mist with our Ra-Seru powers. But this is a vital castle to the enemy, and will be heavily defended. Proceed with caution!”

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204752.817
Let’s head on in!

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204756.793
The Mist Generator is kind of maze-y. But there’s a lot of treasure to be had, and honestly, I need to gain some levels, and I REALLY need to make some money. So there are a lot of battles, though I’ll probably cut most of them out, unless something of note happens.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204801.048
First of all, there’s a new Fire Seru, the Zenoir! I’ll be trying to get everyone to absorb one of these.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204841.256
Like so.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204852.912
And this happened too. Gala’s first Seru! They grow up so fast.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204859.512
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204904.792
I’ll show this off later.

But first, TREASURE!
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204909.608
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204913.376
Uh… consider most of the following images a montage. There’s not much to say, but I’ll throw in some comments when something interesting happens.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204929.808Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204951.143
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204957.984
Fury Boost is an interesting item. It gives a character basically a permanent Spirit effect; their action gauge stays long for the entire battle.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205047.848
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205051.000
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205101.911
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205103.775
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205106.232
The Zenoir, basically a giant hand monster, punches enemies very hard when you use it. It’s pretty cool.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205115.319
Well, that’s a foreboding looking elevator.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205117.935
Man, I really wish there was some elevator music.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205122.272
Ha ha! I was right!

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205249.591
This way I didn’t have to waste money (that I didn’t have) on the upgrade for Vahn back at Biron. Plus, this gives a very nice boost.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205255.615
The lower level of the Mist Genrator is basically corridors. You can find some treasures if you go off the beaten path (which I am going to do, of course).

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205329.886
Level up!

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205338.886
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205346.622
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205404.950
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205423.878
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205435.542
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205512.070
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205522.949
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205531.758
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205537.181
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205542.357
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205607.837

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205618.229
Music: Songi’s Theme

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205625.037
Gala: “Vahn! Noa! Step aside. Leave Songi to me.”
Songi: “Gala! How forgetful you are! It is I who defeated you once before! Have you forgotten how much stronger than you I am? You must be suicidal to fight someone as skilled as I am in the fighting arts. Oh, how pitiful! Your extreme stupidity brings tears to my eyes! Well, come on! I’ll finish you quickly, so you’ll feel no pain.”

Music: My Name is Songi (this is a pretty dope track)
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205646.949
This is it. The one-on-one rematch of Songi Vs. Gala. Gala has gotten WAY better since he first joined up. To the point where this battle isn’t even really that tough.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_205653.468
I got lucky with Gala blocking most of Songi’s hits quite a bit. In retaliation, I do the following:

So just imagine the two of them trading blows over and over, with Gala having to heal occasionally.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_210054.339

Eventually, Songi pulls out a new move:
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_210110.147
Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_210112.971
It’s basically a Hadouken/Kamehameha. It hits pretty hard and may warrant some healing.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_210127.211
But I’m able to outlast him pretty easily.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_210128.987
And 1500 is not enough experience to level up a character anymore. Dang.

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_210135.547
Songi: “I am pleased! After all, a weak rival is so boring. We both use Seru – that makes us comrades. So let’s call our little meeting today a draw. As a fellow Seru-user I’ll tell you something you should know. The lord of this castle, Zeto, is waiting for you all by the Mist Generator. Gala, be very, very careful if you value your life. Don’t lose to someone like Zeto. Farewell!”

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_210152.891
Gala: “My apologies for taking so long.”
Noa: “I don’t like that Songi! I hate him! Next time he comes, I’ll fight him too!”
Gala: “Yes, I suspect the day will soon come when we shall all have to fight him. Now let’s hurry to the Mist Generator!”

This was more of a character development update, I guess. Also, it seems as though I may have lied.  NEXT TIME: I DEFINITELY DESTROY THE MIST GENERATOR!

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