East Voz Forest – Legend of Legaia Ep. 9

Welcome back!  Last time on Let’s Play Legend of Legaia… this game has a lot of tragedy, doesn’t it? Well, let’s not dwell on it, let’s fix it! Today we’re going to East Voz Forest to revive the Genesis Tree and repair as much of the damage as we can!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111246.598
Now we’re on our way to East Voz Forest. On this side of the river, we run into tougher enemies.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111251.436
I mean, they’re just pallet swaps with different names, but they’re still tougher!

Music: Voz Forest
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111256.796
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111258.612
Gala: “I feel something… I feel Songi’s presence! Songi is here! Vahn, Noa, I need you two to promise me something! Even if Songi appears before you, don’t fight him. I know this is asking a lot, but… If a Seru possesses his soul as you say, then I want to be the one to take care of him. I will detain you no longer. Come, let’s hurry!”

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111314.748
There’s some grass in the way, so we can’t get that treasure yet.  I’m in that log tunnel instead.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111319.388
Here are some new enemies.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111328.267
Healing Flowers are the next step up from Healing Leaves. 800 Hp to a single character. Kind of overkill right now, but sometimes 200 HP doesn’t really cut it anymore either.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111333.956
Hey, a new Seru! This one is Water Element. Something we haven’t seen yet.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111347.491
NICE! First try! I’ll show off some Seru magic later this update.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111358.212

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111401.843
Noa: “Gala, what’s a Weed Hammer?”
Gala: “It’s something used to break Crystal Grass and other types of hard grass.”
Noa: “Oh.”

…deep. man. Deep. Sometimes I praise the game for its explanations, but sometimes they just… aren’t necessary. I could just go into the menu to find out what the Weed Hammer does.  I don’t think this conversation was necessary.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111412.460
I still need a Nighto for either Vahn or Noa! (Preferably both). And I would like Vahn to get that Gizam.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111451.963
Well, one is better than none!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111454.099
Vahn gained a level too!  Nice!

So now we can break through the Crystal Grass. It’s an interesting idea, but it isn’t explored at all beyond this dungeon.
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111501.547

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111534.683
Oh, hey! Gala gained a level! And FINALLY, at LEVEL 6, he can do a basic 3 input Art without using Spirit! Friggin’ FINALLY.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111605.794
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111633.499
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111646.795
Treasure! I don’t really know what the Amulets do… I should probably check them out. I AM GOOD AT VIDEO GAMES.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111656.034
This seems like a good opportunity to show off some Seru magic.

Unfortunately, Seru Magic doesn’t really scale up throughout the game, unless you spend a LOT of time leveling it, which I usually don’t bother to do. It’s pretty useful right now though.

Here’s Theeder being used in a different battle. The animation is… well… it’s something, all right. Let it no longer be said that you have never seen a monster shooting lasers out of its dick horn. You’re welcome.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111706.578
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111708.466
More treasure! The Antidote is whatever, but the Survival Club is pretty nice.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111712.946
+15 to Attack is pretty awesome.  It’ll definitely help Gala suck less.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111729.794
I managed to snag a Gizam for Vahn working my way through the forest.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111739.482
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_112651.678
And some more treasure. I’m sorry, but the Voz Forests are just not that exciting. They have a stupid high encounter rate, a lot of treasure, and that’s basically it. I could show you shots of Vahn running through the forest, but what would be the point, really?

But eventually…
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_112712.117
Noa: “Look, everyone! It’s the Genesis Tree! And it’s alive! Yeah! Vahn! Gala! It’s still alive! The Genesis Tree is still alive!”

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_112729.821
Gala: “Did Songi find this Genesis Tree? Or did the Genesis Tree mislead him into taking a wrong turn somewhere?”
Meta: “Vahn! An evil presence draws near! Hurry! Let’s revive the Genesis Tree!”
Gala: “So this tree possesses the power to push back the Mist?”
Noa: “Yippee!”

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_112745.965

Music: Songi’s Theme
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_112749.494
Songi: “Gala! I knew you would come! You’re so predictable! How thoughtful of you to come all the way here to check up on me! I’m flattered! But don’t worry about me! I’m the picture of health, physically and mentally! I may be wearing a Seru, but I haven’t done anything stupid like let it control me! This is a special Seru! It gives me pure energy, extraordinary power! Gala, you’re no match for me now!”

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_112810.150
Noa: “That’s it! I’m gonna knock your block off, Songi! Let me at him!”
Gala: “Noa, you promised to leave him to me, right?”

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_112817.869
Gala: “You… you are not the Songi I know! You’re nothing but a bloodthirsty beast! I don’t know what happened to you, but you are obviously devoid of a human spirit. If you want to fight me that badly, then I’ll fight you! I”ll beat the evil out of you and return you to normal! Now fight me!”
Songi: “You hopeless simpleton! You still don’t understand the situation! Well, I’ll show you! I’ll hammer it into that thick skull of yours!”

Well… that could have gone better.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113121.445
Songi: “This is ridiculous! Absurd! You need more practice! You’re not even worth dirtying my hands over. I’ll leave you to one of my cohorts! Have a nice, enjoyable, pleasant… death!”

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113134.292
Oh, crap.

Music: Battle Theme #2

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113138.732
Say hello to the Viguro.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113143.996
They are assholes. I know I talked up Caruban, but this is also a very challenging fight. The Viguro can take off more than half of any character’s HP in one attack. And there are 2 of them. You can see why this would be a reason for stress.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113148.020
Thunder Break on anyone BUT Gala causes upwards of 200 HP of damage. The reason it did so little to Gala here is that he had just used Spirit, and just like Vahn = Fire, and Noa = Wind, Gala = Thunder, so thunder moves will naturally cause less damage to him. On top of all of that, I equipped him with the Ra-Seru egg which can be worn as an accessory, which lessens thunder damage. In retrospect, I should have given that to someone else, but Gala’s role in this battle is to basically be the heal bot, and throw in an attack when I feel safe (which is not very often).

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113207.620
Noa and Vahn are going to use Spirit, and then let loose with their strongest Arts. For Noa, that means Tempest Break. For Vahn, that means Pyro Pummel + Hyper Elbow, or something along those lines.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113212.340
And then the group starts to get their collective asses kicked.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113217.988
Pretty hard.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113239.916
I’m glad I don’t REALLY have to worry about keeping Gala alive, with his equipment setup.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113246.924
It’s a good thing I have all of those Healing Blooms. I’ll be putting them to use in this fight!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113250.044
I mean, it kind of sucks when my characters get hit for more than the Healing Blooms heal, but it’s my only full-party heal option at this point.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113307.620

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113327.516

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113503.890

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113510.883

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113516.467
YES. I FINALLY take out one of the Viguro, and suddenly this battle gets much, much easier.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113533.874
Of course, even one Viguro is still very dangerous.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113537.106
HA HA HAAAA!!! As a side note, the Viguro ARE Seru, which means there is a chance I could absorb them with Vahn or Noa, but it’s very, very unlikely, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to try this fight over to get one of them.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113540.563
I really like that this game has different victory poses. If your characters are weak when you win the battle, they show it. I can’t really think of any other RPGs that have unique victory poses. Different victory quotes, maybe, but not poses.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113547.698
Songi: “You’re holding everyone down! As a fellow Biron monk, I’m ashamed! You were so bad, I was ashamed to even watch! Oh, I’ve had enough! I’m going home! Let’s play together again another time, Gala… If a wussy like you can manage to stay alive, that is! Ha ha ha!”

OOooooooo, sick burn!

And away he goes…

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113606.010
Noa: “I hate him!”
Meta: “But Songi’s Seru, that definitely was a… Never mind! We don’t have time to talk! We have to revive the Genesis Tree! Hurry!”

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113616.131
Noa: “Gala? What’s wrong? He won’t say anything!”

Well, let’s do what we came here to do.

Music: Reviving a Genesis Tree

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113631.250
He feels a gentle warmth in the palm of his hand.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113635.378
Noa reached out swiftly to touch the Genesis Tree. She feels a silent power in the palm of her hand.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113647.666
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113650.954
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113659.842
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113706.545
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113710.586
And the combined power of the Genesis Trees of Rim Elm, Mt. Rikuroa and East Voz Forest…

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113714.882
Are enough to thin out the thick Mist in the valley holding the Mist Generator.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113722.825
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113725.698
Ewww, it looks like a weird caterpillar.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113731.354
Gala: “Ra-Seru! Is it me you have chosen? Very well! I submit myself to you! To defeat Songi, the villain who attacked Biron Monastery… I submit myself to you, Ra-Seru! Take me!”

Music: The Ra-Seru Speak

Ozma: “Gala, I am pleased to meet you. I am Ozma. I am a Ra-Seru. I sense you do not wish to open up your mind to me. Please do not fear me! We Ra-Seru exist only to lend our strength to humans, not control them. Your mind will remain your own. I will not tamper with it. And besides, I have chosen you. Just as you submit yourself to me, I entrust you with my very destiny. Never forget that! Gala, I am counting on you, and the future that you will create for us.”

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_113805.562
Gala: “I feel it! I feel the strength in my arms! The Ra-Seru’s strength! Vahn! We must return to Biron Monastery! I fear for Master Zopu’s safety!”
Noa: “I hope the Genesis Tree’s powers reached Biron.”


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