West Voz Forest – Legend of Legaia Ep. 8

Oh, hello there.  Welcome back to Let’s Play Legend of Legaia on Save File.  Last time, we made it to Biron Monastery. Today, we’re going to go to West Voz Forest to revive the Genesis Tree and NOTHING IS GOING TO GO WRONG.




Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215049.153
Wow, Vahn has 150 more HP than Noa and he’s only 1 level higher. Also, Gala almost has as much as she does and he’s 4 levels below her.  Dang. But he still has NO FRIGGIN’ ART SLOTS.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215056.960
Music: Voz Forest

Welcome to Voz Forest. It’s… it’s really not that exciting. There are some items to pick up and a Genesis Tree. That’s about it.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215100.048
Oh, and battles, of course.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215102.881
The Nighto is a new Seru that we haven’t seen yet. I spend much of this update trying to get Vahn or Noa to assimilate one in vain.

More of Gala’s Arts. I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he’s still not that great.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215109.888
Gala gains a level here. His victory pose is looking pissed, and he STILL ONLY HAS 2 ART INPUTS.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215117.448

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215127.632
Yet another battle. I have to say that battles take a long time in this game. Is that relevant?  Not particularly, but I don’t really have anything interesting to say.

Well, that’s the last of Gala’s Arts for now. But he CAN’T USE ANY OF THEM UNLESS HE USES SPIRIT. Yes, I will continue to be annoyed about this until he has 3 inputs by default.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215157.640
Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215200.848
Another Elixir to sell because I don’t use them. The Fertilizer will be important in a few moments.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215223.423
This happened. It made me happy.  But I still haven’t managed to snag a Nighto.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215243.711

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215247.552
Gala: “You guys don’t know anything, do you? That’s called Bridge Grass. It’s tiny now, but it’ll be big enough to span a gorge and strong enough to walk on! And no, it’s not edible!”
Noa: “Oh. So we can’t eat it. Oh, hey, I know! Vahn, Gala, we got Fertilizer from the treasure chest, right? Let’s give it to the Bridge Grass! It might grow faster that way!”
Gala: “Hmm. I thought you were just a fool, but that’s a good idea.”
Noa: “You’re mean, Gala! Boo-hoo!”

Well, let’s do it!
Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215308.871

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215311.231
Wow, that is some fast-acting fertilizer!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215330.751
Oh, I’m sure this will be handy in about 2 minutes!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215335.327
Hey, new equipment!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215339.848
+3 to Attack. Not a huge boost, but it’s something! Any boost is a good boost.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215345.455
I still haven’t had to use one of these yet! Hooray!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215435.567
Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215442.422
Oh hey, it’s the Genesis Tree!

Gala: “This dead, rotting tree doesn’t look like it has the power to drive away the Mist. But it doesn’t matter to me. Vahn, hurry up and do whatever you came here to do.”
Noa: “There’s something wrong! Vahn, there’s something wrong with this Genesis Tree! This is different from Mt. Rikuroa’s Genesis Tree! Terra, what’s going on?”
Terra: “We were too late. The poison of the Mist has killed this Genesis Tree.”
Noa: “The Genesis Tree is dead?! But I thought you and Meta could give life to the Genesis Tree!”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215507.087
Geez, look at Gala. What a dick.

Noa: “No!”
Gala: “In other words, we came all the way out here for naught! There’s nothing we can do now. Let’s stop wasting time and get back to Biron Monastery.”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215515.774
Music: The Genesis Tree

Noa: “Vahn! Something’s glowing! Look! It’s glowing!”
Meta: “That glow! That’s the glow of a Ra-Seru Egg! It’s a Ra-Seru Egg!”
Terra: “How fortunate! At least the Ra-Seru Egg survives! Meta and I will combine our powers and call the Ra-Seru Egg to us.”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215530.526
They managed to split the tree in half, somehow.

Noa: “Vahn, the Ra-Seru egg is so pretty.”
Gala: “I feel uneasy. Vahn, Let’s go back to Biron Monastery as soon as you’re finished.”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215540.334
Vahn now has the Ra-Seru Egg!

Meta: “Vahn, the Ra-Seru Egg needs the power of a healthy Genesis Tree. Take good care of the Ra-Seru Egg until then.”
Noa: “I can’t wait to see what kind of Ra-Seru Egg comes out of the Egg!”
Gala: “West Voz Forest’s Genesis Tree was dead… I wonder how Songi fared in East Voz Forest.”


Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215556.934
Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215605.630
Gala: “That sound and light came from the direction of Biron Monastery!”
Noa: “I wonder what happened.”
Gala: “Vahn, the Monastery may be in trouble. We must hurry back there!”

So I went into the menus to use a Door of Light, but I wanted to show something off:
Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215713.750
Everyone can equip each others’ weapons. But they’re really only meant for that certain character, because if you equip someone with a weapon that isn’t ideal for them, it makes their “Arms” input INSANELY HUGE.  So it isn’t worth it.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215724.597
But this is what I was REALLY going for.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215740.037
Also, this happened on the way back to Biron Monastery.

Music: Mist Covered Town

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215823.069
Uh oh…

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215827.461
Gala: “I’ll go on ahead and see what’s going on!
Noa: “Vahn! It’s the Seru! I smell the Seru!”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215842.493
Well, crap.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215844.669
Well, Zopu’s room is empty. This does not bode well.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215847.765
Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215852.892

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215901.805
Oh, crap. You know it’s serious when you can get into battles.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215910.060
This happens! I’m okay with it.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215916.909
Vahn: “Yes.”

Door Person: “That voice! It’s Vahn! Wait just one moment while I unlock the door. Quickly! Hurry inside before the Seru monsters come!”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215924.044
Zopu: “I just heard what happened from Master Teacher. So the Genesis Tree of West Voz Forest was already dead. That’s too bad. As you can see, things here are a mess. That Songi betrayed us! The monastery wall was destroyed with a great blast. Then came Songi and many Seru. The Mist came in and caught us off guard. There were so many Seru monsters. Songi had a Seru on his arm. That Seru may have been controlling him. We barely made it here alive. Such a pitiful story.”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215942.820
Zopu: “When he heard that Songi had done this, he ran off in a rage. Maybe he went to look for monks who survived the attack… Or to track down Songi. There’s nothing I can do now. Nothing! What a disgrace I am!”
Noa: “Don’t cry, Zopu! I’ll fight hard, so don’t cry! Vahn, let’s get rid of the Mist! Let’s drive the Mist from Biron!”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215959.220
Woman: “Before Songi attacked, I heard the cry of a creature I had never heard before.”
Woman 2: “Maya was left in the bedroom!”
Woman 3: “I want to help everyone, but the only thing I know how to do is cook. Would you like to eat before you leave?”

Vahn: “Yes.”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_220016.956
Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_220018.332

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_220029.700
They said Maya was left in the bedroom. I hope she’s okay…

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_220031.316

Noa: “Vahn! It’s a Seru! A Seru monster! *gasp* Argh! Maya! It’s Maya! She’s turned into a Seru! Maya, wait!”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_220045.628
Terra: “Noa! Stop!”
Noa: “But…”
Terra: “If you rip it off her like that, she’ll die!”
Noa: “Why? I don’t understand!”
Terra: “Listen, Noa. Listen carefully! You should never remove Seru from a human when the Mist is around. The Seru and human are one, so if you do that, they’ll die. There’s only one way to free a human who’s turned into a Seru monster. And that is to get rid of the Mist! You said there’s a Genesis Tree in East Voz Forest, right?”
Noa: “Yeah.”
Terra: “If you want to help Maya, you have to awaken the Genesis Tree there.”
Noa: “Then Maya will turn back into a human?”
Terra: “Noa, I would never lie to you.”
Noa: “Maya, I promise… I promise to destroy the Mist!”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_220122.780
OF COURSE! Privacy invasion time!

Letter: “To my daughter, Mei: Today Vahn came to Biron and told me about Juno. I was so shocked and I shed many tears. When I think of how lonely you must be, my heart breaks with grief. When you were still young, I left you and came to Biron. I left because of the Mist. Please forgive me for leaving you in Rim Elm. Vahn says I can return with him, but there is something that keeps me here at the Biron Monastery a little longer. Please forgive me. There are two orphans here, Songi and Gala. They are about your age, and they are like sons to me. My obligations here compel me to stay. You must think that I don’t care for you, but that is not true. I know that the people of the village are supporting you. Please forgive”

Well, nothing left to do here. Let’s go revive that Genesis Tree! And figure out what the heck is going on with Songi (as if we don’t know).

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_220156.148
Gala: “I checked the enter monastery. Everyone’s either dead or changed into Seru. It can’t be true! Songi did all this? How could he have done this! What was he thinking? I have to talk to Songi! I have to find out why he did this! But… Vahn! Noa! Are you going to East Voz Forest now?”
Vahn: “Yes.”
Gala: “I knew it! I know that Songi is waiting for me in East Voz Forest. If the Genesis Tree is still alive, I’ll revive it and free the monastery from the Mist! After traveling together, I know how strong you are now. Actually, to be honest, I’m not confident enough to go to East Voz Forest without you. I need your strength. Please! Will you take me with you?”
Vahn: “Of course!”
Gala: “Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!”

That little speech right there does a lot for Gala, I think. He realizes that he’s not as strong as he thought he was, and realizes how much the Ra-Seru help Vahn and Noa. It’s a humbling moment, and a good bit of characterization.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_220230.451

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