Biron Monastery – Legend of Legaia Ep. 7

Welcome back to Legend of Legaia!  When last we left off, we made a quick stop off back in Rim Elm.  We got our asses kicked by some bees, and I think we pissed Mei off.

…needless to say, I think we’ve overstayed our welcome, so let’s mosey, shall we?

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212533.515
Getting to Biron Monastery from Rim Elm is very easy now that we’ve closed the water gate.  There’s no need to stop off at Drake Castle, we can just head straight on through the river bed.

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212541.075
Once we move far enough North, we quickly start to encounter the Mist again.  You can kind of see a gap in the mountains up ahead. What happens if we try to check it out?

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212551.500
Meta: “Just beyond this valley is the Mist Generator!”
Terra: “The Mist produced by the Mist Generator spreads out into the areas beyond the valley.”
Noa: “I want to destroy the Mist Generator! I wanna get rid of the Mist!”
Terra: “Noa, we should slow down!”
Meta: “The Mist here is too thick! My power is almost too weak to keep us from succumbing to the Mist!”
Terra: “If we only had a little more Genesis Tree Power! Just a little more!”
Noa: “Vahn, let’s find another Genesis Tree! If we find it… Then we could get through here and destroy the Mist Generator!”

It may be superficial, but I really, really like this little scene.  In a modern game, I can almost guarantee you that there would just be an invisible wall there, and that would be it.  Here, they actually give you exposition on why you can’t get into the Valley yet.  It’s just a nice little touch to me.

Also there’s this:
Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212620.459
More Waters that I will continue to hoard!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212627.939
Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212638.370

Once inside, it seems like the Mist has gotten in, but there’s actually a large set of fans and a room that gets cleared out through the use of the fans.
Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212643.395

Music: Biron Monastery

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212645.491
Guard: “I rush out here thinking that some Seru are up to no good, and I find human visitors! Well, then, come with me! I’ll introduce you to everyone at Biron.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212653.618
Guard: “I never thought anyone would come here while I was guarding the gate. You really surprised me! Wait! They’re in the middle of training. When it’s over, I’ll introduce you to Master Zopu.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212701.083
Zopu: “Good! We seem to have visitors. What a rare treat. That’s enough training for now. You may now attend to your individual tasks.”
Monks: “Yes, sir!”
Zopu: “Well, well. Welcome to Biron Monastery. Now then, let me get a good look at you.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212718.995
Master Teacher: “How dare you call Master Zopu ‘old man!'”
Zopu: “Ha ha ha! This young lady means no ill will. Master Teacher, stand aside.”
Master Teacher: “Yes, sir!”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212726.610
And then he literally just storms off. Dude is a little uptight, it seems.

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212728.370
Zopu: “Hmm. Your eyes are keen. And you have Seru… All right then! We welcome you here. Tonight, we shall have a party in your honor. Until then, you make yourselves at home inside the monastery.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212740.442
Vahn: “No.”
Songi: “Hey, don’t lie to me. I already know everything.”
Noa: “I’m not lying! This is no ordinary Seru! It’s a Ra-Seru!”
Songi: “I see. A Ra-Seru, eh? I definitely want a Seru like that! I am Songi. Pleased to meet you. If you have an extra Seru, then let me have it! Ha ha ha ha!”
Noa: “What a weirdo.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212755.410
I am going to preface the next couple lines of dialogue by saying that the Monks all say “Yes, sir!” before they say anything else, and I’ll be damned if I am going to type that out any more than I have to.  Just imagine it’s there, because it is.  EVERY TIME.

Monk 1: “With training, humans can transcend the powers of the Seru!”
Monk 2: “In Biron Monastery there are also women who have escaped the Mist. RIght now, those women are probably working in the upstairs kitchen and other parts of the Monastery.”

…a community of gender equality, this is not.

Monk 3: “One of the teachings of Biron is: ‘Strength begets love.”
Monk 4: “Even before the Mist came, we renounced the use of the power of the Seru.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212815.634
Monk: “The fresh, clean air that flows from the mouth of Biron has kept us safe.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212821.018
Apparently Biron also has Power Elixirs in his mouth.  Elixirs are items you can use for a boost in a battle.  Honestly, I usually just sell them.  I prefer the money to the one-time boost they give you.

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212829.562
Music: Mei’s Theme

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212831.818
Vahn: “Um… Maya?”
Maya: “That’s right! I’m Maya from Rim Elm! Vahn, what a good memory! I’m impressed. You were still so young when I left the village. When Master Zopu told me a youth called Vahn had come, I hurried here. I knew it was you! I knew it right away! You look just like Val when he was young. I’m so happy. Because of the Mist, I thought I would never see anyone from Rim Elm again. You two are amazing! You must have had a hard time getting here. Oh, I almost forgot! I’m sorry, but Master Zopu asked me to help with the preparations for the party. I have to go now. There are so many things I want to ask you about, but that will have to wait until tonight. I want you to tell me about yourself, and about your village. Bye for now. I’ll see you later!”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212901.954
Noa: “Hmm. What energy she has. I couldn’t get a word in. But I’m so glad I finally met her! So glad she’s well!”

Music: Biron Monastery

Monk: “Master Zopu said to show our guests proper hospitality.”
Monk 2: “Master Zopu always says that the Age of Hope is close at hand.”
Monk 3: “Are you looking for Maya? I think she’s in the women’s bedroom, beyond the door to your right as you face that way.”
Monk 4: “Biron Monastery is protected from the Mist outside by strong gates.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212923.906
Monk: “But this is a woman’s bedroom. Men are forbidden. You may not enter!”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212927.260
Noa: “What are you looking at? I’m a woman! I’m a woman, so I can go in!”
Monk: “I don’t mind you, Noa, but Vahn will have to wait out here.”
Noa: “Okay! I’m going to talk to Maya.”
Monk: “Umm… It sounds pretty lively in there. I can hear a lot of laughter. Maya is very loving and hardworking. She’s such a cheerful person. The monks of Biron think of her like a mother. The Biron Monastery doesn’t allow Seru or women… I guess the Mist has changed that rule.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212945.697
Noa: “Hey, is something wrong?”
Vahn: “No, I’m happy for you!”
Noa: “Yeah! I heard a lot of stories from Maya! But right now, Maya is too busy preparing for the party. She sends you her regards.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212957.010
Monk: “Well… that’s the rumor, anyway.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213003.977

Woman: “We took shelter here when the Mist attacked.”
Woman 2: “Well, this place is full of good people. But sometimes I hate having to say ‘Yes, Sir’ and ‘Yes, Ma’am’ all the time.”
Woman 3: “I hear that tonight there will be a party to welcome you. I”m going to use all of my skills to cook up a feast for you.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213015.234
Free status-heal item!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213017.169
Woman: “But Songi resents Master Teacher very much. Master Zopu and Maya are very distressed by this too.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213021.817

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213026.841
New equipment shop!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213031.113
There’s only one thing of note here: new armor for Vahn, the Savior Clothes.  AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW, I ALREADY CAN’T AFFORD THEM.  Seriously, LOOK at that price.  Body armor is insanely expensive in this game. Well, after selling the Power Elixir I plucked from Biron’s Mouth, I’m able to grab the Savior Clothes.  But now I’m broke.  SUCKS.

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213056.241

Monk: “If you’re tired, I can prepare a bed for you. Do you wish to retire?”

Free heal spot!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213103.537
Songi: “But if I can become stronger quickly, then you better believe I’m going to wear one! If you see an extra Seru, then let me know… in secret! When I get one, then watch out, Master Teacher! Ha ha ha ha!”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213112.977
Master Teacher: “To allow Seru like you onto the sacred soil of Biron”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213117.976
Well, okay then.

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213122.425
Kin: “Ever since then, he has hated the Seru.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213125.537
Zopu: “Did you listen to what the people of Biron had to say? I see. Well, then… Before the party being, tell me what you heard. Tell me what you heard about the Seru and about the Mist.”





Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213134.568

Music: Sad Theme

Maya: “Juno, he… He was killed by a Seru. *silent contemplation* So Vahn, you came all the way here for Mei’s sake.
Noa: “Maya, don’t cry! Cheer up! It’s not like you to cry like that!”
Maya: “That’s sweet of you to try to cheer me up. Still… It’s all so frustrating that I couldn’t be by Juno’s side. I loved him so! All along I thought I would see him again someday, and now it’s too late. I’m so sad! I’m sorry, Vahn. I’m sorry, Noa. I’m sorry for crying like this.”
Noa: “Maya, come to Rim Elm with is! Mei is there!”
Maya: “I’m sorry, Noa. I just want to be alone now. I need time alone to think.”

Noa: “When Maya’s sad, it makes me sad too. Sad and lonely, Vahn.”

Well, I guess it’s time to PARTY IT UP then.

Music: Biron Party
Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213212.200
Vahn: “No.”
Master Teacher: “What? Not Seru but Ra-Seru? Don’t be foolish. A Seru is a Seru. I don’t like it. I despise those creatures and those who depend on them!”

Dang, sounds like somebody has a chip on their shoulder…

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213220.888
Monk 2: “This is such a fun party. When the Mist clears, we’ll have even more fun.”
Woman: “Maya would always tell me about the family she left back in Rim Elm. But on the other hand… At Biron, Master Teacher and Songi are like sons to Maya.”
Woman 2: “This is supposed to be a party, but everyone is so serious.”
Monk 3: “Maya is very cheerful and merry when she speaks, but sometimes she seems sad and lost in thought. Perhaps she is thinking of her homeland in Rim Elm.”
Woman 3: “Songi is always studying Master Teacher. To think that the two of them were once such good friends. Maya is very concerned, and often comes to me to talk about it.”
Monk 4: “If you’re looking for Maya, she went into the shrine earlier, looking downcast.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213248.737
Songi: “They say that a Ra-Seru sleeps inside something called the Genesis Tree. With a Seru like that, I’d show Master Teacher who’s really boss. Ha ha ha! Anyways, don’t you mind me.”

…okay, then.

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213259.096
Zopu: “You didn’t tell me before, but now I want you to be honest with me now. Vahn, Noa. You two came here to take Maya back to Rim Elm, am I right?”
Vahn: “Yes.”
Zopu: “Such forthrightness! Ha ha ha! That is good. Young people should be frank. I, too, shall speak frankly. I have a favor to ask of you. I have heard that you used that Ra-Seru to revive the Genesis Trees in Rim Elm and in Mt. Rikuroa. You rid those places of the accursed Mist. Actually, there are two Genesis Trees near the Biron Monastery. Will you revive them as well?”
Vahn: “Yes.”
Zopu: “Ah, I thank you both! I must tell everyone immediately.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213320.208
Zopu: “They have just agreed to revive the Genesis Trees!”
Crowd: “Hurray!” “Hurray for Vahn!” “A toast to Noa!”
Zopu: “Once revived, the Genesis Trees will rid is of the horrible Mist! This is our chance! We must all help these brave visitors. The Genesis Trees are in separate forests north of here, in West and East Voz. Vahn, tell me, which forest will you go to first?
Vahn: “West Voz Forest, in the northwest.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213338.959
Zopu: “Yes, that is a wise decision. Master Teacher! Master Teacher, are you there?”
Master Teacher: “Yes, sir!”
Zopu: “Master Teacher, you will accompany these two to West Voz Forest!”
Master Teacher: “B-But…”
Zopu: “Master Teacher! An elder’s order is the same as a command from Biron!”
Master Teacher: “Y-Yes, sir!”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213354.127
Zopu: “What is it, Songi?”
Songi: “If Master Teacher is going to West Voz Forest, then I will go to East Voz Forest! I will go there to make sure that the Genesis Tree is safe.”
Zopu: “Songi, it is so unusual for you to volunteer like this! But that is good! I will give you monks to command. I am counting on you, Songi!”
Songi: “Yes, sir!”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213406.208

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213408.288

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213410.671
Songi: “I’ll get the Ra-Seru from the Genesis Tree in East Voz Forest. Ha ha ha…! I can’t stop laughing!”

..All right, cool. I think the game is kind of really trying to pound in the “Songi is Evil” idea.

Music: Biron Monastery
Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213418.792
Songi: “Thank you! Leave everything to me!”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213422.256
Off they go!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213425.999
Zopu: “Vahn, Noa. Good luck to you both!”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213433.120
Master Teacher: “What?
Noa: “‘Master Teacher’ is a weird name.”
Master Teacher: “It’s not a name, it’s a title!”
Noa: “So ‘Master Teacher’ isn’t your name? Then what is your name?”
Master Teacher: “Since you are not Biron monks and need not call me Master Teacher, I will tell you. My name is…”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213449.023
Oh hey, he’s got a name now! It only seems fair that he gets a portrait now too, right?

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213451.448

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213454.176
Noa: “Gala… that’s an interesting name.”
Gala: “Well, don’t get too friendly. I hate Seru!”

Right before we leave…
Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213510.968
Maya: “About Mei… About Juno. And about something else. I want to have a long talk with you, but now the Genesis Tree is more important. Let’s talk later, after you come back. Well, then. Good luck! I’ll be praying for your safe return.”

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213522.599
We turn off the Mist vents…

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213526.024
And off we go!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213538.279
Now that we have a 3 person party, we can routinely encounter 3 enemies.  But hey! We have a 3 person party!  Let’s check out our newest party member, Gala!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213544.407
Gala… he… well, he…

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213547.847
He sucks.  Okay, maybe I’m being a little unfair since he’s only Level One, but consider the following: at level one, Vahn had 3 command inputs.  Noa had 4.  Gala has 2.  And it will be quite some time before he gets 3.  That means that he has to use Spirit to be able to pull off even the most simple of Arts. Along with that, he is SLOW. And he always will be.  Even when he starts catching up in levels, he will always be slower than Noa and Vahn, even if he manages to outspeed enemies (which probably won’t happen).

I think part of it is a game design decision; Gala is a Warrior-Monk who has been training in Biron Monastery his entire life.  He is the cream of the crop, the Master Teacher, the best they have to offer.  And then Vahn and Noa come galloping in, and he can barely hold a candle to them. They’re decked out in the best equipment, and have Ra-Seru and magic at their disposal. Meanwhile, Gala has nothing but the clothes on his back (if you look, he doesn’t even have shoes, his feet are just taped up), and he’s hanging in with them.  Just barely, but he is. He may suck, but he sucks in an extremely badass way.

…but he still sucks.
I do my best to get Gala some arts, but damn, it’s a chore, since EVERYONE goes before him, and he has to spend a turn using Spirit to even be able to perform any Arts.

uuuuuuuuggggghhhhhh… I mean, I guess 68 damage is pretty respectable for level one.


So we’re supposed to head to West Voz Forest, but I have a pit stop I want to make first.
Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213622.847
We have no REAL reason to head to this cave right now, but I have a motive in mind.

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213639.783
It sounds like there is someone else on the other side. Do you wish to knock? (yes) Vahn knocked on the door!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213645.894
Hmmm… intriguing.

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213651.222
THIS is the reason I’m here.  We can encounter Seru in this cave. Theeders and Gimards are easily encountered.  They’re a little tough, but I want to get Noa some magic, and I also want to try and get a Theeder for Vahn.


Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_213701.694
Woo!  I also manage to get Noa a Theeder as well. I tried to get her a Gimard, but she has trouble absorbing Fire Elemental Seru.

ANYWAYS.  There was a lot to this one.  I’m done now.

NEXT TIME:  West Voz Forest!

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