Month: July 2015

Jeremi – Legend of Legaia Ep. 13

Oh, welcome back then! It has been several days since I last worked on this update… because I spent literally hours grinding for money for the best equipment… I also gained some levels in there.

Ep. 12.9.mp4_20150605_213551.731

Music: Noa’s Dream

Ep. 12.9.mp4_20150605_213603.962
Noa’s Father(?): So warm… such a pure heart. She’s growing up healthily. She seems to have made some wonderful friends.
Noa: Who is it? Who’s there?
Noa’s Father(?): Noa… Can you hear me? It’s me… your father…


DEATH COUNTER: 0 – The Walking Dead S1 Ep. 1 P9

Still haven’t died yet!

The Sebucus Islands – Legend of Legaia Ep. 12

Oh, hey there, welcome back! Last time on Legend of Legaia… uhhh…

Ep. 11.5.mp4_20150601_212632.555
Ep. 11.5.mp4_20150601_212643.178

Let’s not talk about it.

Anyways, THIS TIME on Let’s Play Legend of Legaia, we’re pretty much done with the Drake Kingdom, and it’s time to move on to the next big portion of the game, the Sebucus Islands! To get there, we have to head out of Biron Monastery like we’re going to West Voz Forest.

Music: World Map Free of Mist

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174729.381
Like so.

Ep. 12.mp4_20150603_174740.669
Damn, it really takes forever to get anywhere on the World Map.


Y U NO SHINE?! – The Walking Dead S1 Ep. 1 P8

I can’t see things if they aren’t shiny 😦

Rim Elm Reunion – Legend of Legaia BONUS EP. 11.5

Well, last update was pretty short, so I’ll put this one up to try and even it out. No real plot advancement in it, but we’ll tie up a loose end or two!

Ep. 11.5.mp4_20150601_211547.768
This SHOULD be the last time we end up here for awhile…

Ep. 11.5.mp4_20150601_211604.359
I’m basically just here to make sure Maya made it safely.

Ep. 11.5.mp4_20150601_211610.415
Music: Soren’s Sad Song

Ep. 11.5.mp4_20150601_211614.663

Mei: “You’re nothing but a liar! Why didn’t you tell me? About my mother… Why didn’t you tell me you went to Biron Monastery to look for her? Why didn’t you tell me? I was so worried about you! I never knew you put yourself in such danger for me. Why didn’t you tell me?! Why? You should have told me! I was so worried!” (more…)