About SaveFile

Welcome to Save File.  A site run by two friends who love video games so much that they make videos about them and talk about them.  A lot.


Anyways, come here to listen to Dinosaur and Megan play games, talk about games, make commentary on games, and do other game related things.

ABOUT DINOSAUR: A Musician, a Gamer, and a bum. To be fair, Dinosaur has full-time employment, but employment is a means to an end so he can pursue his passions. Which are games and music. The hope is that games and music will somehow turn into full-time employment.
Likes: Sushi, the company of animals, most music, most food, dinosaurs, lasers, dinosaur laser fights.
Dislikes: Lima Beans, Ginger, Country music, Clowns, sustained notes in guitar solos.
Man-Crush: Danny Sexbang of Ninja Sex Party
Woman-Crush: Carly Rae Jepsen

ABOUT MEGAN: Stuff and junk.
Likes: Squirrels and video games.
Adrien Brody
Woman-Crush: Her lovely girlfriend Kristi

Monday thru Friday!

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