Mt. Rikuroa – Legend of Legaia Ep. 5

Welcome back to Legend of Legaia!  It’s time for episode 5! I have nothing clever to say, so I’m just going to get right back into it.


Music: Mt. Rikuroa

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171052.260

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171058.556
Gross.  What a warm welcome.  From here on out, unless there’s something particularly cool, I’m going to shave off most battles.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171130.892
But I will never NOT show off free items!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171133.692
I don’t think I’ve shown them off, but that’s what the save points look like!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171137.196
It’s hard to see, but a big rock just fell in front of us.  IT’S KIND OF DANGEROUS IN HERE, YOU GUYS.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171140.028IT WOULD SEEM THAT WAY.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171146.092
This is kind of nice!  It’s an accessory that increases upper defense by 20%!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171234.755
Which on Noa is a whole… 3 points.  Woo.  Well, it’ll get better over time.  I’ll keep it!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171243.451
Another big rock falls, this one blocking the path backwards.  No going back to Snowdrift Cave now!  Not that I think we would ever have any reason to go back there.

Terra: “This cave won’t hold much longer. We’re almost at the summit! Don’t stop till we’re there!”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171253.499
The Vera is new!  The little emblem means that it’s a Seru, and can be assimilated.  Unfortunately, Noa doesn’t have a Ra-Seru, so this doesn’t mean anything right now 😦

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171309.635
Oooooh, this is nice.  Waters give +4 to whatever stat they’re focused on.  A Power Water gives +4 to strength.  I could pump these all into one character (probably Noa), or I could try and use them to make all of the characters have the same footing.  I don’t know what I’ll do yet.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171321.772
Terra: “Look! The exit is right there!”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171327.939
Oh, butts.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171332.083
Well, let’s take him on!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171337.492
I guess I would call Golem a mid-boss, or a mini-boss.  Theoretically, he could wreck our shit if we didn’t have Terra around.  But… we have Terra.  So he isn’t much of a threat.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171412.307
Just imagine me using Spirit, and then Tempest Break. then Spirit, then Tempest Break over and over again.  Because that’s what I did.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171422.563
Like so.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171426.002
Remember, he COULD be threatening.  But I have a heal bot.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171443.810
A heal bot who somehow manages to kill steal.  Son of a BITCH!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171523.587

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171530.122
Terra: “I envy you– You are always so full of energy! I’m sorry, but I’m a little fatigued. Let me rest here awhile.”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171544.162
Terra: “Even in this horrible environment, you’ve grown into a fine woman. I’m very proud of you. Now I must tell you something important. Listen well. You may not know, but wolves like me do not normally speak. I am actually a Seru, a Seru attached to the head of this old wolf. I, Terra, who saved you from the Mist when you were all alone and raised you.  I’m a Seru! But don’t confuse me with those common Seru, driven mad by the Mist. I may look like a Seru, but I am a Ra-Seru! I am impervious to the Mist. I wanted to watch over you, until you were a little older. But that’s not possible anymore. This wolf has reached the end of its life. The wolf will die soon. and if I stay attached to it, I will die with it.”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171613.971
Terra: “With the power of the Genesis Tree at the summit, I can transfer from the wolf to you! Then I won’t have to leave you all alone. That is my plan. I have decided to stay by your side until you find your real parents! Now this mean old wolf is fully rested! On to the summit!”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171629.641

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_171654.434
This is a very, very important item.  It’s the one you use if a teammate gets knocked out.  Which can happen a lot.  And I don’t remember, but either you can’t buy Phoenixes (Phoeni?) or they are very, very expensive.  Either way, a free one is very good.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_172704.990
Terra: “This brings back memories! This is the tree though which I came to the human world. I was sleeping inside this tree, then suddenly… I was awoken by the sound of a baby’s cry. That baby was you, Noa. Your body was too small for me to attach myself to you. So instead, I chose this wolf. Now that’s enough talk of the past! Come on, Noa! Noa, there’s nothing to fear! Come this way!”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_172824.068

Music: Henchmen of the Mist

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_172824.068
Oh, I hate this guy.

Zeto: “I will show them the consequences of helping those pitiful humans… It was I, Zeto, who destroyed your pitiful little camp! Had you submitted peacefully to the Mist and the Seru, your suffering would have ended! So be it! If you insist on struggling so miserably, then I will finish you off now!  ATTACK, Caruban! Rip them to shreds with your fangs!”


Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_172851.477
Terra: “This world is for human beings of compassion!”

Zeto: “Caruban! Kill them!”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_172859.772
Terra: “My strength… unfortunately… is nearly… depleted…”

Zeto: “Ha ha ha! That was too easy! You don’t fight as tough as you talk! Caruban! This girl is yours. Do with her as you please! Ah ha ha ha!”

Eugh… being older and having spent many a year immersed in the internet makes that statement much creepier than it was when I was a young lad…

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_172913.268
Oh, hey, it’s Vahn!  Remember that guy?


Geez, sorry dude.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_172914.796
Meta: “Our friends must be there!”

I’m pretty sure that’s what he said at the end of Episode 3… oh, this must be one of those “Meanwhile, back at the Ranch!” scenarios.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_172922.885
Anyways, there’s a lot of cliff-hopping in Vahn’s scenario.  I spend some time trying to make sure I find all the items, and (fruitlessly) trying to grab another level before I make it to the summit.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_172925.477

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_172946.444
So Vahn fights the same enemies as Noa did, but he doesn’t have a heal bot.  Luckily, he has a lot of gear, and also a Ra-Seru, which allows me to absorb Vera.  If you’re playing along, MAKE SURE YOU GET VERA HERE.  I cannot express how important this Seru is, now and for the rest of the game.  Vera is a heal spell. Heal spells will ALWAYS be important, especially in a game as challenging as this one.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173014.085
…it was a Healing Bloom.  Sorry, I’m bad at screenshots sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173027.876
More healing items!  Very important.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173042.252

What is an item specifically tailored to Vahn doing in a random chest on a mountainside?  IS EVERYTHING PRE-ORDAINED?!

Well, it’s a video game, so in this case, I’m going to say yes.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173056.508
It’s 5 more points of Attack, but any more points of attack would be a bonus, so I won’t complain.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173128.228
You can see the Vahn Fist is equipped now, rather than the Survival Knife. It’s just a nice little touch, a lot of games weren’t doing the whole cosmetic things at the time, and some still don’t even do it now.

Eventually though, we make it to the summit.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173141.884
Terra: “Meta, I’m glad you found yourself a nice child too. Vahn? His name is Vahn? Vahn, please, help this child… Help Noa.”

Meta: “Vahn! Let’s go!”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173148.851

Music: Boss Fight!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173155.891
All right, here’s the first REAL boss, the Caruban.  He’s pretty tough, but shouldn’t be too bad.  The plan is as follows, Noa uses Spirit…

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173212.075
Vahn casts Gimard a few times, but make sure to leave enough MP to cast Vera a few times if needed!  My Vahn has 51 MP here, so I feel safe casting Gimard 3 times (it costs 10 MP per cast), leaving 21 MP.  That means I can still cast Vera 3 times (costs 6) if needed.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173221.507
Then Noa uses Tempest Break.  Rinse and repeat.  After Vahn is done casting Gimard, I’ll have him use Tornado Flame, and that should be enough to get me through this battle relatively unscathed.  If I really need to heal both characters at once I have that Healing Bloom I picked up that I can toss out and then…

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173230.235

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173141.884
Terra: “Meta, I’m glad you found yourself a nice chiuld too.  Vahn? His name is Vahn? Vahn, please, help this child… Help Noa.”

Meta: “Vahn! Let’s go!”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173148.851

Music: Boss Fight!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173155.891
So this is Caruban, our first REAL boss fight.  So the plan is the same thing I said before, only DON’T FRIGGIN’ DIE.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173303.179
Caruban’s Fire Breath hits both characters pretty hard if they haven’t used Spirit that turn.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173311.091
Luckily, Caruban doesn’t really have that much HP, and Tempest Break and Gimard both dish out about 250 HP per attack.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173314.379
And beating him nets us enough experience for both Vahn and Noa to gain a level! Plus another Healing Bloom, which is pretty awesome.  I was about to have Vahn use mine, but Noa was able to kill Caruban before Vahn went, so now I have 2!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173326.915
Terra: “Take me to the Genesis Tree.”

Meta: “Vahn, let’s help them.”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173334.571
Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173339.210
Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173340.754
Meta: “Awaken, Genesis Tree! Recall the instant that the heavens and earth were born!”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173346.235
Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173351.355
Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173353.122

The Genesis Tree reaches Drake Castle!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173403.171
Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173410.570
And all the Seru turn back into humans!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173419.147
Including King Drake, whose first action is to stroke his mustache.  I like this guy already.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173429.746

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173431.146
Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173433.434
Terra floats off of the wolf and onto Noa (who is left handed. It’s just a nice little touch!).

Terra: “Noa, listen well. You and I are now one. You now possess magnificent powers. You and Vahn must go on a journey to search out the Genesis Trees.  The journey may be difficult, but remember that I will always be with you.”

Music: Mt. Rikuroa After Mist

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173450.826
I think this means that Vahn gets a little stronger when Meta levels up, but I don’t really know.  Sounds good to me though!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173453.354
Terra: “The wolf is a proud animal. She’s going to find a place where she can die alone. So, Vahn…”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173500.970

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173502.618
Vahn: “Yes.”

Noa: “Good. So I won’t be alone. I’ll be with you, Vahn.”

Ep. 5.mp4_20150527_173508.673
Meta: “I’m sure the people freed from the Mist are waiting for you.”


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