Drake Castle – Legend of Legaia Ep. 3

Welcome back to Let’s Play Legend of Legaia with Dinosaur of Save File!  Last time, we managed to liberate RIm Elm of the Mist and Seru by meeting Meta, a Ra-Seru, who was able to activate the Genesis Tree.  It’s now time for us to leave Rim Elm to find other Genesis Trees, and hopefully to find Mei’s mother as well.

Music: World Map Theme

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113357.851
Well, bye then, Rim Elm.  See ya soon?

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113402.059
Vahn moves across the world map in a very determined, yet slow, stride.  Getting places takes awhile, but what are ya gonna do?  There’s no way to make it faster either.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113406.451
Of course, it wouldn’t be an RPG without random battles on the world map, right?

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113416.363
Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113427.940
Equipment makes cosmetic changes in this game, so you can see Vahn decked out in all of his new gear.  It’s a pretty nice touch.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113435.483
‘Ello, what’s all this then?

May as well check it out!
Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113442.571
Music: Rim Elm

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113447.419
Hunter: “I’m impressed! You made it here all by yourself? Ha ha ha! You’re so confident! You are a lot hardier than us hunters! By the way, Vahn, see that guy over there?”

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113456.531
The only unique looking guy here besides me?  Yes.  Yes, I do.

Hunter: “Don’t know him? Well, we come here often, but this is the first time we’ve met someone else here! He says his name is Lezam, and he was telling us the most amazing story. Vahn, you should talk to Lezam too.”

I’ll get there, but there are more important things to do first.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113513.939
Heck yes, I do!

What delicious, refreshing water! HP and MP are completely restored.

At least the game is pretty generous with the free healing (at least for now), what with the high difficulty curve and everything.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113555.683
And of course, free stuff is almost always good stuff!

Now that that’s taken care of, let’s have our chat with Lezam.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113559.163
Lezam: “So, you are Vahn. The hunters have told me of you. You have done great deeds. You have my gratitude.”

Vahn: “Why are you grateful?”

Lezam: “Yes, this is about something that happened before the Mist reached here. I was heading to Rim Elm under King Drake’s orders to warn them of the Mist. But the Mist caught up with me, and I became a Seru monster! From what I hear, it is your deeds that enabled me to become human again. That is why I am grateful. Thank you so much! Drake is surrounded by the Mist and King Drake is surely awaiting you… your powers! With your powers, our castle could be saved. Will you help us?

Vahn: “Yes.”

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113624.754
Lezam: “Before I departed, the King had made a frightening decision. I hope he is safe.”

The Hunter’s Oasis (or whatever it’s called) is your typical RPG info dump.  It will tell you things about battle, statuses, and general game tips.  I DON’T NEED ANY OF THAT BECAUSE I AM AN MLG PRO.

So let’s keep going instead.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113635.914
Before long, we start to encounter the Mist again.

Also, crap like this:
Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113646.883
I would recommend trying to gain a few levels if you’re playing along…

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113714.770
Up ahead are some locations to check out.  It may not look like it, but there are two places to visit here.

First, we can check out the dam.
Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113718.994
There is a treasure chest under the water.  What a tease.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113720.929
“Water Gate controller. Insert Water Key to operate.” There is a small hole for inserting a key.

Oh, I’ll be back for you.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113731.194
Music: The title of this track could be considered a minor spoiler for later events in the game, so click at your own risk.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113747.946
Nice.  Doors of Light are pretty handy.  They’re basically a “get out of a dungeon free” card.  Maybe it’s too hard for you and you don’t want to get stuck and die, or you have to backtrack all the way out for some reason. You can use one of these to instantly transport out.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_113751.050
Well, let’s head in, I suppose.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_115844.689
This game actually does pretty well at building a creepy atmosphere, what with the Mist and all.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_115846.449
What an anime-ish style portrait.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_115853.024
Oh, son of a… yeah, this game is not kind when it comes to the difficulty curve.  And it’s not like it makes grinding easy either, the enemies give out a low average of experience in comparison to their difficulty.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120156.504

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120208.424
Yes, I will take as many levels as you are willing to give.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120215.999
Oooh, something sparkly!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120218.191
There is a sense of sadness in the eyes of the Seru.

Meta: “Vahn! Take a good look. This is a human possessed by a Seru. I have looked into this person’s mind, the same way I spoke to your mind. But the Seru controlling this person’s spirit is too strong, and I couldn’t make out any words. The only way to return these people to normal is to drive away the Mist.”

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120231.191
Of course I do.

Wow.  So all of a sudden, this game has zombie-like creatures, an abandoned, Mist-filled area, locked doors and key retrieval.  Did this just turn into a survival horror game?  Maybe this is partly why I like it so much…

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120238.135
This is another room filled with Seru.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120240.791

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120244.864
OH, COME ON. Well, I guess it could be worse.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120523.502

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120537.670
Okay, so I cut off the text.  What you want to take away from this picture is that I used the Sunrise key to unlock the door.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120540.190
Legend of Legaia – Survival Horror RPG.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120542.526
There’s another locked door up here, so let’s explore our options! There’s gotta be a key somewhere!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120545.478
Of course I do! I love info dumps and world building! That’s why I read every book in Skyrim!

“Drake Castle’s water is pleasing and potent. When used to water fields, grains grow tall and thick. Beasts that drink it grow strong. Even without food, one is safe so long as there is the rich water of Drake to drink.”

Wow, sounds pretty awesome.  Hey, what’s that over there?
Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120600.014

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120607.062
Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120620.230

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120714.213
Uh, yeah.  Of course.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120720.237

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120723.302
Yet another creepy staircase.  I have to imagine this place seems kind of odd even when it ISN’T filled with Mist.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120726.517

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120728.797
But… I already have one of those… Bollocks.  I guess I could have waited until I got here and saved the money, but I think it’s better that I bought it right away.  Plus, I totally forgot this was in here.  I’ll just sell it later for some more cash.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120735.541
Ooooooh, yeah, I love me some personal intrusion!

“Harvest Month, Day 2. The harvest festival isn’t far. I can’t wait! But King Drake seems uneasy.
Harvest Month, Day 4. A messenger from the north said the Mist has covered Jeremi. King Drake is pale.
Harvest Month, Day 5. A strange building has been built in the valley to the northeast. Soldiers sent by King Drake to investigate failed to return.Harvest Month, Day 7. A curfew has been declared. The royal scientists are investigating the Mist. I hope they find a solution, so my dear King Drake can be free of his anguish.
Harvest Month, Day 10. The Mist has appeared in Drake Kingdom. The eastern plain is covered. From the watchtower, the Mist seems to be coming from the building in the Valley.
Harvest Month, Day 13. King Drake has forbidden the use of the Seru. The harvest festival is cancelled. That’s understandable, considering how the Mist is affecting the Seru.
Harvest Month, Day 14. I can’t believe the King’s order! But we are compelled to obey… Obeying is my duty, as one who serves King Drake.
The rest is blurred and illegible.

It doesn’t hold a candle to most Silent Hill files, but it’ll do.  It at least explains what was going on here.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120846.388

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120847.932

“Drake Kingdom lies in a remote part of South Legaia, on a peninsula of mountains and valleys. Under the rule of King drake, there is safety and abundant resources. Visitors to Drake Castle should visit Mt. Rikuroa. Go through Drake Castle and head north to find Mt. Rikuroa. At its summit stands the Genesis Tree, which is said to watch over humans since the age of the gods.”

Well then, we know where our next Genesis Tree is, which will have the added bonus of clearing the Mist out of Drake Castle!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120910.781

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120921.044

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120924.732

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_120957.220

Also, this:
Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121030.644

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121039.134
Oh hey, we’re in the Throne room!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121042.828
Oh… this seems important.  Of course, I’d read it even if it was the castle grocery list, probably.  Let’s check it out!

“I am Drake III, King of Drake. I know not who will read this letter. But anyone who makes it through the Mist must have powers greater than the Mist. No doubt you have seen the Seru monsters in this castle’s dungeons. Those monsters are in fact my dear retainers and the people of my kingdom. When the Mist approached we tried many ways to drive it back. We even prayed at the Genesis Tree of Mt. Rikuroa to the north. Legend says the tree has the power to save the human race.

In the end we decided to lock ourselves in the dungeon and wear Seru, surrendering to the Mist. As Seru monsters, we should survive on Drake water until the day the Mist goes away. We locked ourselves in the dungeon so the Seru madness would not force us to harm anyone. So, traveler, I ask you to drive away the Mist, as we were powerless to do so. You are our only hope for the future – the hope that sustains us.”

Dang.  Well, I’ll take care of it!  I’m heading to that Genesis Tree now!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121111.612
Meta: “Vahn, I have a feeling this Seru is King Drake. Look, there’s a small key around its neck. That must be the key to the Water Gate.”

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121119.148

Okay, I know I said I was going to the Genesis Tree, but there’s still one more room to check out!
Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121125.931

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121128.180
Meta: “If you shut the door tightly, you should be able to rest peacefully in here. DO you want to rest?”

Vahn: I have continuously been getting the crap kicked out of me for the past 2 days.  Yes, I would like to rest.

Meta: “A wise decision. While you are sleeping, I will stand guard.”

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121136.675
Meta: “There is something I must tell you about the Seru and my powers. That’s right, the Seru are horrible creatures. But the Seru themselves are not at fault. The Mist is responsible for all of this. I have special powers to use against the Seru. I can assimilate with a Seru that the Mist has made mad. The special powers of the Seru will combine with my own, making me a powerful weapon.”

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121150.204
Meta: “It is not always possible to absorb the abilities of a Seru by fighting it. Nevertheless, let’s try to fight as many Seru as we can, and hope we absorb its powers. Youc an use the Seru abilities by expending MP. When to use it is up to you. Just remember that MP is limited.”

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121203.316

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121205.883

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121210.139
This teaches Vahn the new “Hyper Art,” Tornado Flame. Hyper Art is a more powerful Art that can only be learned from finding the book that teaches it. I’ll show it off soon.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121251.195

“The reports were correct as I feared. Any human wearing a Seru ceases to be human in the Mist. But because of some power, a person possessed by a crazed Seru also ceases to age. That means a person wearing a Seru could live for a hundred, a thousand years… nay, forever! But is immortality worth giving up being human? That I do not know. I must report this to King Drake at once.”

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121314.211
Well, time to mosey on out of here! We’ve got a Genesis Tree to revive!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121319.907
We’re now in a mountain passage.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150525_121326.394
Next time: Mt. Rikuroa!

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