ARTSTRAVAGANZA! – Legend of Legaia Ep. 2

Oh, hey there.  Welcome back to Let’s Play Legend of Legaia, by me, Dinosaur of Save File TV!  Last time, we started to play the game, and it got sad pretty fast.  We met Vahn, his dad Val, and his sister Nene.  We also met his romantic interest, Mei, whose father died at the end of the episode.  So… we ended on that note, maybe it’ll get better this time around?


Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215242.817

Vahn: Buh?

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215256.073
Val: “Vahn, Wake up!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215303.618
Val: “I think it’s coming from beyond the Wall. Vahn, would you go take a look for me?”

Vahn: “Yes.”

Val: “That’s a good on. But hurry back at the first sign of danger! Vahn, be very, very careful!”

Nene: “I’m scared.”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215319.298
Going outside, all we can hear is an ominous thumping every once in awhile.  No music.  Nothing.  Just *THUD*… *THUD*… *THUD*…

We can talk to a bunch of villagers who are huddle around the door to the Wall though.

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215322.090
Elderly Woman: “That is the sound of something hitting the Wall from outside!”
Woman: “For ten years the Wall has protected us. I’ve always believed it could never collapse, but… I hope it doesn’t fail us now and allow the Mist to engulf the village.”
Other Woman: “If the Wall breaks, the Mist will enter the village and the horrible Seru will come in!”
Ixis: “Hey, Vahn! Did you come to check too? Look at them! Why does everyone look so worried? I swear, Rim Elm is a village full of cowards!”
Old Woman: “Vahn, look! The Wall is bending terribly! This has never happened before!”
Hunter: “There’s something out there. Something is striking the Wall from the other side.”
Hunter II: “The precious Wall that has protected Rim Elm… it could never collapse!”
Hunter III: ” We built this Wall with our blood, sweat, and tears! I’d be a fool to stand by and watch it come down!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215416.441
Village Elder: “This Wall has protected Rim Elm from the Mist for over ten years. Hopefully it will stay standing forever.”

???: “Ah, quite impressive. Look how many puny humans survive.”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215427.729
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215613.240
???: “Living in fear of the Mist, you scream at the sight of a Seru’s shadow. Pathetic humans!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215627.544
???: “Humans! You are but insects! The time has come to abandon your foolish resistance. I am Zeto. I have come to bring the salvation of the Mist to you miserable creatures.”

Tetsu goes in for the attack!!

That… that could have gone better…

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215641.504


Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215650.416
Woman: “Oh no! The accursed Mist has entered Rim Elm!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215657.904
Zeto: “Seru! Destroy that old eyesore of a tree!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215704.447
Oh crappy butts, it’s a full on Seru Attack!  And only two people in this village can actually fight!

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215711.752
It’s Battle Time!

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215713.640
What follows next is basically learning all of the Arts.  Here’s what I get in a battle against ONE (!) Gimard.  I know we’re Level One, but holy crap.


Of course, the Gimard isn’t gonna take this sitting down.  It’ll get some licks of its own in.

Ow.  Yeah, we can’t take many hits like that.

After that, it FINALLY goes down.  This game does not mess around.

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215725.560
Tetsu: “I’ll hold the Seru here. The rest of you go somewhere safe!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215731.240
There are Gimards all over the village.  We can run into these ones, and we also can just get into random battles with unseen enemies.


These things are pretty tough for this point of the game, especially with only one character who is relatively weak.

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215819.664
Case in point, I’m almost dead, against only the second regular enemy in the game.

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215825.511

The worst part is, after beating two of them, I’m STILL only Level One.

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215915.159
So let’s take on yet another one, shall we?

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215947.831
Good gravy, FINALLY!

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215954.839
Levels are pretty important in this game.  I don’t know about my other stats, but you can see that in one level, my HP jumped from 180 to 223.  That is a very, very good increase.  I’m going to farm out another level in Rim Elm before all is said and done.

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220014.766
Val: “Mist itself is not harmful. You can even breathe in it. It is the Seru you must fear. Come morning, the wind from the sea will blow the Mist away and we will be safe. But the question is whether this door will hold until morning. If only there were someplace for us…”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220024.495
Oh yes, please.

Nene’s medicine fully restores us.  It is extremely helpful when trying to grind out a level so close to the beginning of the game.

Nene: “There you go! Now you’ll be all right. Don’t push yourself too hard!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220039.895
Here’s a new enemy!  Definitely easier to take out than the Gimards.

Let’s see how everyone else in the village is doing…

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220047.390

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220049.822
Ixis: “I… I didn’t run away. I didn’t run away from the hole in the Wall! Only a fool would fight those Seru monsters in the Mist! I came back to protect my family!”

Man: “Ha ha ha. This is the end! It’s all over. Everybody’s going to die!”

Well, sure is cheerful in here!  We’d probably better check on Mei though.

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220121.110
Mei: “Vahn, what happened?”

Vahn: “The Mist is here.”

Mei: “Oh no! That means the Seru monsters will come into Rim Elm! What should we do?”

Vahn: “Let’s go to my house!”

Mei: “Thank you, Vahn. Maybe that would be better. All right, take me to your house! …Oh, wait a minute, Vahn! …Father…”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220143.582

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220146.694
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220149.414
Val: “If my cursed body were not crippled like this… the Wall is broken, yet all we can do is huddle in fear. If only there were someplace safe for us…”

Mei: “Vahn, be careful.”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220250.965
Here’s another different enemy we can run into.  Again, definitely easier than the Gimards.

And then this happened!
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220305.117

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220320.101
We’ve done everything else, let’s check out the Genesis tree!

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220322.509
Woman: “I’m so glad to see you! I was all alone! I came here to get away from the Seru monsters. Hey, have you noticed that the Mist doesn’t come in here? The Genesis Tree is glowing. It’s radiating some kind of amazing power. The Genesis Tree is very warm. Vahn, go ahead, touch it.”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220343.357
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220344.501
???: “Vahn… Vahn… You are Vahn, are you not?”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220355.149
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220401.789
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220406.069
Meta: “I ask you, Vahn. Do you wish to save your people from the Mist?”

Vahn: “Yes!”

Meta: “Good! By combining our powers, we will rid the whole world of the Mist! Let us pursue the same destiny as human and Ra-Seru working together! Vahn, open your mind… Feel my presence.”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220421.164

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220422.852
Meta: “I am too weak… I need the life force of the Genesis Tree to be strong. To revive the Genesis Tree, we need the power to change destiny. The power of the human spirit! Vahn, hurry! Hurry and assemble everyone here!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220442.693
Now, we can see in battle that Vahn’s “right” command has now turned into “RaSeru.”  It causes a little more damage now, and has another effect that I will show off in just a bit…

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220524.836
Val: “Now I understand, although this is all so confusing. The situation is desperate. Our only hope now is your Seru and the Genesis Tree. All right! Tell everyone to gather at the Genesis Tree!”


Now that we have a Ra-Seru, we now have a chance to absorb any enemy that has a little symbol next to its name (which denotes it as a Seru, and an element).  In this case, the Gimard is a Fire Seru.  Vahn is also naturally oriented toward the Fire element, so he has an better chance of absorbing a Gimard than he would any other element of Seru.  So what happens when we absorb Seru?

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220513.700
They’re our magic!  Check it out.

It cuts off a bit there, but that’s 237 damage.  That’s almost 5 times more than we can put out right now with a regular attack.  Getting Seru is very, VERY important.  It’s basically crucial to the game.

Anyways, let’s head to the Genesis Tree!

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220536.021
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220539.652
Village Elder: “You and the Ra-Seru are our last hope! We entrust you with our lives. Everyone, we must pray together.”

Music: Reviving a Genesis Tree

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220557.308
Meta: “Awaken, Genesis Tree. Remember the instant the heavens and the earth were born! Vahn, you too must pray! Harder! Pray Harder! To push away the Mist! To revive the Genesis Tree! Open your mind!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220701.068
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220706.404
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220708.604
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220716.875
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220728.755
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220732.027
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220740.892
Meta: “The Genesis Tree has the power to drive away the Mist and to make a Ra-Seru like me stronger. The Mist has left RIm Elm, but it still covers the rest of the Earth. Many Genesis Trees wait to be revived. Vahn, let us leave Rim Elm together to look for those Genesis Trees!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220755.212
And then Vahn passes out.

Nene: “Brother…”

Village Elder: “Don’t worry. He’s just in a deep sleep.”

Val: “How peaceful he looks. He must be dreaming about something nice.”

Music: Juno’s Funeral

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220814.307
Village Elder: “The hateful fangs of the Seru took their lives from them.”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220818.747
Village Elder: “But Rem, our leader. Our great leader! On your sacred wings, take the noble souls of our friends to the Valley of Noaru! May their souls find peace and eternal happiness in the distant Valley of Noaru.”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220835.155
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220842.315
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220846.931
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220904.115
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220911.491
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220914.227


Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220922.723
Mother: “To the Valley of Noaru, dear. Far, far away. Beyond the sea.”
Child: “Is Juno going to come back? Will he bring us good things to eat again?”
Mother: “The Valley of Naoru is… very, very far away, dear. I don’t think he will come back.”


Music: Rim Elm

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220948.850
Village Elder: “Vahn, Rim Elm is saved thanks to you! You were truly courageous and I thank you again.  However… It’s about our precious Mei. Her mother may still be alive inside the Mist! If you have pity on Mei, then rescue her mother. If you say yes, I’ll tell you the rest of the story. Will you do it?”

Vahn: “Yes.”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221006.106
Village Elder: “Mei’s mother, Maya, used to work at Biron Monastery. Ten years ago the Mist came… and naturally we lost all contact with her. As for whether Biron Monastery itself still survives in the Mist… Unfortunately no one knows. But Maya is Mei’s only surviving blood relative! Vahn, with the Ra-Seru, I’m sure you can make it to Biron Monastery. Vahn! I’m counting on you. One more thing, Vahn. Keep this a secret from Mei… She will only be heartbroken if Biron Monastery has indeed been lost to the Mist.”

Well, we have another motivation to go out into the world, beyond just ridding t he world of the Mist.  Mei’s mother might still be alive!


Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221120.458
Look how much money I have.  Look how much equipment costs.  You might be thinking something like “But Dinosaur!  It’s only the beginning of the game!  You haven’t made that much money!”

That may be true, dear readers, but it won’t get better.  Ever. In fact, it will probably get worse.

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221129.634
So we got the Boots and the Knife… unfortunately, I can’t afford the Seal.  I can solve this problem though.

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221133.810
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221139.841
Got it!

It’s almost time to head out… we should probably say bye to Val and Nene.  Mei is all locked up in her house though.

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221148.194
Val: “I know not what hidden powers that Seru on your right arm has. All this is too confusing for an old man like me. But I have faith in you! You have brought hope to Rim Elm in its darkest hours. As your father, I am very proud of the brave man you have become. Whatever you decide to do from now on… this will always be your home, and you will always be my son. Never forget that!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221204.930
Nene: “No one will be killed by the Seru anymore, right?”

Well… I guess it’s time to head out…

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221303.737
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221309.329
Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221311.993
Mei: “Here! I brought you the hunting clothes I promised you. And this is a gift got you, to thank you for rushing to check up on me yesterday.”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221321.841

Vahn: “Are you all right?”

Mei: “Yes. I had a good cry. And making your hunting clothes took my mind off everything. Vahn, I heard from the Village Elder that you’re going on a long trip. Well, take care. And don’t forget to wear the hunting outfit I made you. And be sure to come back when you finish whatever it is you have to do. I mean it! You’d better come back! …I’ve never been good at saying goodbyes. So I have to go home now. I’m sorry.”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221348.577

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221355.129

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221357.736

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_221405.945
And that’s it for Rim Elm.  Next time, we’ll go out into the world!  And probably get our asses kicked.  But you know, whatever, right?

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