Legend of Legaia Ep. 1 – THE MIST

Welcome to the first Screenshot Let’s Play under the newly re-branded Save File TV!

Screenshot LPs are a good way for me to do games that I want to LP that would be boring in video format, as I can skip the boring parts (usually the grinding, or long travel) and get right to the meat of the game.  To that end, most of my Screenshot LPs will likely be RPGs.

I will likely be editorializing a lot in most of my playthroughs.  Therefore, keep this in mind, anything typed after a name or portrait in normal text is in the game, like so…

Vahn: “This is me talking normally!”

Anything typed in italics is me taking liberties with the dialogue and adding in my own twist.  Sometimes it will be canon, sometimes it will be what I imagine the character is thinking or would say, and sometimes it will be nonsense, like so…

VahnBALLS!  Lolololol, I said balls.  That is hilarious.  I am twelve.

Anyways, with that out of the way… Today, we begin… 268395-gfs_27924_1_1

Legend of Legaia is (considered by most) a classic game from the Playstation one.  It is a typical RPG, in the vein of games such as Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire, but brings some unique ideas to the table. Another note to make about this game is that it is HARD.  It’s not like Final Fantasy, where battles can take a long time, but you never really feel like you’re going to lose.  You can lose in this game.  I will probably lose in this game.  A lot.  But it’s one of my favorite games, so we’re going to dive right in! First, check out the attract movie! And then, we have the intro.

Music: Prologue #1

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143331.429

Well, you can tell that this wasn’t a Nintendo game, as Nintendo had a HARD stance on not mentioning anything religious in their games for a long time, to the point where things like “praying” got censored to “wishing,” and the spell “Holy” would be renamed to “White.” Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143335.501 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143340.910 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143347.381

Yeah, there’s stuff going on in the background of the opening scroll.  It’s probably somewhat important, but I don’t really remember.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143351.605


Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143401.990 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143407.421 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143421.301

Wow, that thing looks… intense.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143431.741 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143433.269 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143441.405

Well, of course it did.  Nothing Gold can stay. Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143504.852 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143447.725 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143513.853

OH GOOD GRAVY, IT’S A…. a, uh… Well, it kind of looks like an eye socket with a mouth.  Look, the early 3D PSOne days were not the most pretty (or discernible) graphics.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143517.901 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143519.548


Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143528.845

Well, shit.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143535.260 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143538.308

We begin the slow zoom into Rim Elm, where the beginning of our adventure takes place. Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143548.373

It’s quite a quaint village.

Music: Rim Elm

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143600.132

Look here!  I believe I may have spotted our protagonist!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143604.045
Fade to black behind him?  Oh yeah, we definitely have a main character here.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143607.452
Oh yeah, I actually totally forgot you can name your characters in this game.  I’m just going to be sticking with the defaults, because that’s what I did as a child.  Our Blue-haired buddy here is named Vahn.  Vahn is another in a long list of silent protagonists.  You have some dialogue choices, but I don’t believe he actually speaks at all in game.  I still have a portrait for him though, and I’ll be making him talk at some points, I’m sure.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143622.204
VahnLet’s get this adventure started!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143639.748
For some reason, Vahn stops to look into this window here.  Maybe something catches his eye?  It’s just something I found a bit odd.
Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143648.588
Vahn goes to chill out at the centerpiece of Rim Elm, the Genesis Tree.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143654.750 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143700.612

Village Elder:  “Tomorrow, you will become a hunter, an adult.  Were you praying for a successful hunt?”

Vahn: Yes.

Village Elder:  “That is good.  Then I, too, will pray for your success.  Vahn, I thought I would com here to cheer you up.  But I guess that won’t be necessary.  You will be a fine hunter!  I’m counting on you from the bottom of my heart!  Ha ha ha ha!”

The elder strolls off, and we have control for the first time in the game!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143744.043
Unlike most RPGs at the time, and probably even now (there are a few that probably do it), Legend of Legaia has a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that shows us the current status of our party.  Right now our party consists of a weak, Level 1 Vahn, but what are ya gonna do, it’s still the first 5 minutes of the game.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143802.459 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143809.188
When we head up out of the Genesis Tree area, we run into someone else…

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143816.723 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143819.539
Mei: “It’s about the hunting clothes for you to wear tomorrow.”

Vahn:  “Is something wrong?”

Mei:  “I’m almost finished, but I have to check some of the measurements. So, can I measure you one more time?”

Vahn:  “Sure, go ahead.”

Mei: “Thanks, Vahn.  You’re so kind. I’ll be at your house waiting for you, so don’t be too late.”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143841.036
Vahn: Dang.

Let’s visit some of the townsfolk, shall we?

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143843.723 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143848.275

Ixis:  “You seem happy about it! You are happy about going outside the village, aren’t you? There’s no one here but old people and kids. It’s so boring here!”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143855.484
Pathetic Man: “You will? I’m glad. You’re such a good child, Vahn. It’s a story about something that happened many years ago, when I was out on the hunt. We caught much game. I was in high spirits–so happy that I dropped my guard. Suddenly, the wind changed direction and the Mist came. I thought we would escape… but it was too late. The Seru monsters came from the Mist and attacked us. That’s how I ended up like this. I survived, but could never go out on the hunt again. Now listen, Vahn! Never underestimate the Mist! The Mist is a terrifying thing.”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143931.819
Well, sucks for that guy. Let’s go check out the Elder’s house!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143937.835 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143940.723
Elderly Woman: “… you must learn more about the Mist and the Seru.”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143944.234 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143948.467
We can ask about all 3 of these things, but it’s pretty easy to just consolidate all of it into one blurb:  Humans and Seru used to be cool with each other, but then the Mist appeared and the Seru went crazy and killed humans.  Rim Elm has a huge wall around it to protect it from the Mist and from Seru.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_143953.227
Woo!  This is an item we can snag that will restore our MP.  It is HARD to make money in this game, and all the money I make will be going towards equipment, and I will probably never be able to afford everything I want (again, different from most RPGs, the only other one that can compare in terms of buying/selling in my mind is Breath of Fire IV).  Therefore, I will take all the free swag I can get.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144003.258
I think we knew that already. Have you figured out that MIST = BAD yet? Anyways, that’s it for the Elder’s house.  Let’s go check out the beach!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144015.674
Beach Woman:  “Today, though, the wind behaves strangely. I hope this is not a bad sing.” …ominous.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144021.474
Tetsu:  “Time goes by so quickly. I have taught you the techniques of Biron all your life. Do not forget them while hunting outside the village!  Now then… Vahn, do you want something today?”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144028.252

Vahn:  “I want to hear about Biron.”

Tetsu:  “Biron is a god of strength and love. Outside Rim Elm is a temple devoted to Biron. There, many warrior-monks devoted to Biron practiced night and day. They renounced the world’s dependence on Seru and worked to polish their fighting skills. Many Biron warrior-monks also traveled the globe to spread the noble teachings of Biron. When visiting Rim Elm, I was trapped here by the Mist. But I am still a faithful Biron! I feel it is my destiny to teach the young the teachings and fighting skills of Biron.”

Whoa.  Biron will actually end up being pretty important later on, but we’ll get to that eventually.  For now, let’s get into the battle system, which is what really sets this game apart from its peers.

Vahn:  “I want to practice with you.”

Tetsu:  “I see. Before we practice, take this.” *Hands over a Healing Leaf”

Tetsu: “Now you are ready. Come at me!”
Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144036.490

Music: Battle Theme

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144056.514 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144107.362 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144109.426 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144110.490 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144113.522 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144116.995

Ready for the ACTION SHOT? Attack




Next he explains how to use items, which is fairly self-explanatory.  Pick an item, use it.  VOILA.

However, next he shows us the Spirit command: Spirit

Spirit is AMAZING.  Spirit is also very, VERY important.  Using Spirit has three beneficial qualities, which are as follows: 1. Spirit gives you Ability Points (AP), which are normally accrued slowly through taking damage and attacking without using Arts.  Arts are more powerful attacks, basically essential to defeating any enemy, but they consume AP. 2. Spirit makes your Action Meter longer, allowing you to input more commands, thus causing more damage to your opponents.  This only last until you attack your opponent once though, then goes back to normal. 3. Spirit increases your defense.  This is AMAZING and ESSENTIAL.  It increases your chances to block attacks, and reduces the amount of damage you take in general.  If you ever see an enemy charging an attack (usually bosses), you should probably use Spirit.  Unless you want to get your shit wrecked.  Some attacks can even wreck your shit WITH Spirit, but why make it easier? Anyways, Tetsu also shows us our first (of many) Arts. Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144217.898 Somersault


Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144231.690

Tetsu:  “You did well. That is enough for today. Well, what else is it you want? Nothing? Tomorrow you leave for the outside world, where many Seru lurk. Do not be overconfident!”

Well, I think it’s time to head back to Vahn’s house.  After all, Mei is waiting!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144257.561 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144301.370 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144305.170

Mei: “It’s all right. My father hasn’t come back from hunting yet today, anyway.”

Nene: “I should be the one making hunting clothes for my brother.”

Mei: “Don’t worry about it, Nene. I just wanted to help celebrate this special day for Vahn.”

Nene: “Um, Mei, can I ask you something?”

Mei: “What is it?”

Nene: “Mei, are you in love with my brother?”

Mei: “!”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144321.857
Oh dear.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144324.281 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144329.409

Nene: “You’re always wandering around with your head in the clouds. Let’s hurry up and take those measurements!”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144336.714
Mei: “I knew it! You’ve gotten bigger since the last time I measured you. You’re almost as big as my father… maybe bigger! It’s amazing how quickly boys grow.”

The subtext of that conversation… anyways, I am immature.  Let’s continue on.

Mei: “All right, I’m done. Thank you, Vahn. Mr. Val, little Nene, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be on my way.”

Val: “Thank you, Mei. Give my regards to Juno when he returns from the hunt!”

Mei: “I will!”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144358.665

Nene: “Did you thank Mei properly?”

Vahn: “Er… no?”

Nene: “Ooh, you are so hopeless! You’re going hunting tomorrow, and that means you’re going to be an adult, right? Well, if you’re an adult now, you should mind your manners!”
Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144407.729
FREE STUFF! So when we leave, since Val is too busy to talk, and Nene is being far too annoying, this happens!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144411.585 Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144418.969
Villager: “By golly, they were gone a long time!”

Village Child: “Father! My father is back! Welcome back, Father. Did you catch anything?” Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144433.217

Uh oh…
Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144438.097
Elderly Woman: “It is… It’s Juno…”

Mei: “Father?”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144446.017
Hunter: “I’m so sorry, Mei. It happened so quickly… before we knew it. The Mist came earlier than usual… Juno was attacked by the Seru monsters. There wasn’t anything we could do.”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144511.512
Mei: “No! Don’t leave me all alone, Father. Please! Don’t!”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144518.984


Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144532.480
Nene: “Tell me, Father. Will we always have to live in fear of the Mist? When will we be able to go outside the village safely?”

Val: “Nene…”

Nene: “Father!”
Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144543.608
Elderly Woman: “Don’t worry about Mei. She’s calmed down considerably. It will be dark soon. We’ll stay here with Mei, so go home and don’t worry about her.”

Vahn: “No, I want to stay with Mei!”

Elderly Woman: “I know how you feel, but Val and Nene are waiting for you to come home. Just say a word or two to Mei and then be off.”

Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144555.537
Mei: “He promised to take me all over the world once the Mist cleared. Father, you promised…”

She won’t acknowledge Vahn, so I guess it’s time to head home.
Ep. 1.mp4_20150524_144610.256
Val: “Soon the Mist will come. You must be tired. Do you want to rest?”

Vahn: “Yes.”

Val: “Good. Rest well then.”

…well, that’s a sad way to start this off.  If there’s anything to take away from this episode of Let’s Play Legend of Legaia, it’s that the Mist sucks.  Next time:  The Mist sucks even more!

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